About Penny

I have been into personal fitness ever since before anyone ever called it that and have always loved cycling, running or rambling in the great outdoors – well that was until things changed. More on that later.

I have been an avid gym member without going as often as I should seeing as it costs a significant amount every month.

After leaving University with a literary BA, I then spent a big percentage of my working life in fairly senior retail positions but after being made redundant I grasped the opportunity to retrain as a Personal Trainer and didn’t look back…

…that is until I found myself with an illness that affected my work and home life. Polymyalgia Rheumatica is a pretty debilitating condition and put an end to my second career as a Personal Trainer at the gym.

I didn’t want the pain and fatigue of the illness to rule my life so I gradually began a home fitness regime. Small steps, big journey.

I needed to release some of the little energy I had and get that post-exercise fatigue pleasure that I was used to but it was a lot easier to fit into my lifestyle if it were a gym-free experience. For a start, I looked around for ‘weights’ substitutes.

They’ll do very nicely…

I decided my exercise/fitness regime, like my heart, would be at home.

About Brian

I have always been mad on sport. A keen runner since I was persuaded by my work colleague (a-sit-down-all-day-in-the-office-type-of-job) to run 12 miles after work for fun. I guess I didn’t have any concept of what 12 miles hurt like until I hit the 2-mile mark.

But things got better and I managed a number of marathons in my 40s at what I think was reasonable times.

I started going to the gym because I could hear my body telling me I needed some strength training – I would often run 10 miles and go to the gym for an hour of weights.

I discovered cycling whilst living in Australia and it was fine weather to roam the local beauty spots or take several turns around the local park.

Not that I was a super athlete but I must admit, I felt pretty good.

Blah Blah anyway on hitting my 50s it’s funny how you start having to cut back, slow down or give up some of these things that have made every day even better.

It means that, to stay healthy and fit needs a little more guile and creativity. You can’t just go out for a 15 mile run along the Coast anymore.

It’s no good giving stuff up without replacing them. I’ve seen too often friends (and parents) stop being active, stop eating well and become unwell.

These and others were chats I had with Penny who I met an age ago at the local gym whilst she was still a Personal Trainer there.

We both felt that we could help people getting on like us to remain or get healthy through fitness activities and eating properly.

Because of her sincere desire to simply help people, Penny was the ideal person to join with and promote a healthy midlife for everyone without too much discomfort.

MISSION – Our goal on this site is to provide the best information for those wishing to get healthier and fitter regardless of age especially if just starting out.

Creating The Site

I hope you find the information on this site useful. We want the content to be of the highest standard but because of the current and future volume, freelance writers versed in the topics are used.

However, all of the planning, editing and the go-ahead is done by us the chief editors so you can have faith in the ideas and recommendations put forward.

Our reviews rely on a combination of actual experience with the items but where that’s not possible, extensive research is carried out to get real customer’s feedback.

We spend a lot of time talking with a network of Personal Trainers and other fitness professionals getting to know the latest news and items that are gaining popularity and what may be of interest to you.

We want this site to be a place you can trust. It will never, for instance, be influenced by any particular brand.

If the following rings any bells with you then you’ll enjoy the information here

  • You know a regular exercise regime is good for you but how to keep it up
  • You want to be able to pass on good fitness and eating habits to the kids/grandkids – it’s important
  • You know that getting and keeping fit has ongoing health benefits
  • You would like honest recommendations on the right stuff to buy
  • Eating healthily is the right thing to do but it’s boring

If this sparks some interest then let’s take a look at some ideas for getting fit and healthy at home for midlifers.

4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Your Brooks Vs Hoka was very informative. I see you know your stuff.
    I have a question: I need a stability 10-12mm drop in a trail running shoe. I was happy to learn, through you, that Brooks makes cushioned trail running shoes. However, no stability shoe. Could you please recommend a good one with those requirements? Thank You

    1. Thanks for your query and apologies for the late response Saul. I have been a fan of the Adrenaline range of Brooks shoes and they have good stability but the Transcend 7 is better for overpronators (10mm drop). As a runner I never wore specific trail running shoes – I found the right running shoe for me also okay for trail running although it’s never been extreme.
      Unfortunately, we haven’t tested trail shoes yet but it’s on the schedule. Brooks Adrenaline ASR (12mm drop) might be the answer but on checking, the range seems currently out of stock.

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