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Written by Penny Cooper

I know I’ve said it before but I love shoes. I love walking shoes, hiking shoes, trainers, sneakers and all manner of foot apparel. So after looking at Brooks vs Asics and the Nike Metcon and others, I have picked another favorite pair, this time the Adidas shoe. This Adidas Alphabounce review details our findings in which we’ll discuss the Beyond model in depth, plus some great alternatives. I hope you get something out of this shoe review.

Top Points:

  • Benefits of wearing the appropriate type of shoe.
  • What to consider before buying the Adidas Alphabounce.
  • Adidas Alphabounce overview.
  • Features and benefits.
  • Social proof that backs up claims.
  • Alternatives to the Adidas Alphabounce training shoe.

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Men’s Adidas Alphabounce Women’s Adidas Alphabounce
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Things to Consider Before Buying Training Shoes

An uncomfortable pair of shoes can put you off your game. The APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) recommends wearing shoes that are specific to the type of exercise you’re performing.

The benefits of wearing the appropriate type of shoe include:

Things to consider before buying athletic shoes:

  • Determine your activity: Typically, training shoes fall into two primary groups. Therefore, decide what your main use is going to be. If your fitness regime includes various forms of exercise, as in gym work and cardio, then look for a shoe geared for cross-training. If running is your sole focus, stick with footwear tailored for this pursuit.
  • Feet width: Some brands manufacture their sports shoes in only one width size. If you have narrow or wide feet, it’s best to consider something else that caters to this.
  • Female footwear: Not only are women’s feet shorter, but the shape is also more narrow than men’s. For these reasons, ladies should keep to gender-specific shoes.
  • Forget trends and think practical: Often, the appearance of footwear is what draws our attention to a particular model. Don’t get lured in because it matches your gym outfit.
  • We have covered the best shoes for older runners as well as the difference between training and running footwear.

The Adidas Alphabounce Review Overview

The Adidas Alphabounce Beyond was initially designed as a running shoe. However, the intricate and high-function design makes it ideal for a multitude of other activities.

The Beyond model is an upgrade of the Adidas Alphabounce. It features a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) clip in the heel and a wider midsole. This improves stability, balance and aids in overall movement. The continental rubber tread under the outer sole also gives it better traction on all surfaces.

This new midsole technology offers sufficient cushioning and stability, and the upper makes it flexible and breathable.

Who Is the Alphabounce Beyond For?

The Alphabounce is an all-around training shoe. It’s aimed for those who need effective cushioning yet the right amount of sturdiness and stability to accommodate cardio, resistance training, cross-training and HIIT workouts.

Who the Alphabounce Beyond Isn’t For

If you’re someone who pursues marathon training, in my opinion, this shoe might not be the best option. It lacks enough ankle support for me, which is essential when running for extended periods. My ankles are well worn and a little fragile though.


  • Suitable for a multitude of activities.
  • Cushioning midsole.
  • Flexible and breathable.
  • Reliable traction for all surfaces.
  • Fashionable, every-day shoe.


  • Not ideal for long-distance runners.
  • Only available in one width size.

Features and Benefits


This training shoe features a forged mesh upper. Mesh is typically made from polyester or nylon and has tiny perforations lasered into the fabric. This enables better air circulation, keeping your feet cooler and curbing sweat build-up.

The upper also has pieces of rubber added, which makes it more sturdy and stable by reinforcing the lace holes. There’s also an adequate amount of padding inside for additional comfort.

Furthermore, there’s a pull tab at the back that allows you to slip on the shoes with ease.


The midsole includes BOUNCE technology, which, when applying your weight provides a boost in areas as needed. This is part of what makes the shoe so versatile. It adapts to the pressure inflicted by your movements.

The bounce is somewhat firm, which may reduce the effect of the cushioning but when you first wear them they feel supportive and light.

Outer Sole

The outer sole is made of hardened rubber. Not only does this improve its grip on the ground, but it also hinders the degradation of the material, increasing durability.

The tread pattern helps with traction when in motion, which can improve coordination. This is especially useful for exercises that require a lot of high impact movements and balance, such as stair-climbing.

In addition, the outer sole is water-resistant. This means you can run or walk on wet ground without worrying about the water penetrating the shoe and hastening its lifespan.


The bounce material used in the soles promotes comfort via superior padding. It absorbs the shock and vibrations that the activity subjects the foot to, putting less stress on the joints.

The upper mesh also reinforces the comfort factor. It’s engineered to adapt and mold to the size, shape and movement of the foot.


For me, the Adidas Alphabounce Beyond provides a good level of support. Most of the cushioning is in the rear of the sole, which also provides further support in the heel area.


The design of the upper and sole materials offer a decent amount of sturdiness and flexibility to handle multiple terrains.

The texture of the outer sole and the midsole provides a good grip on the ground and the user’s foot inside the shoe. This stability reduces the risk of injury. The traction that the continental rubber delivers makes it ideal for use on surfaces such as concrete, carpets, rubber, grass, tar roads and natural ground.


I haven’t been fully able to test the shoe’s longevity but it certainly seems that the Adidas Alphabounce is one of the more durable athletic shoes. This is down to the Continental sole. It’s made from the same material as a regular car tire.

In terms of good training shoes, how does the Alphabounce Beyond compare to others on the market? Here are some alternatives worth checking out:

1. Nike Mens Metcon Repper DSX Mesh Trainers

The Metcon midsole is composed of phylon material. This gives it a soft and lightweight cushioning.

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The forefoot of the outsole features grooves, which makes it flexible and versatile for different forms of training, including cardio and resistance workouts.

Key differences:

  • Phylon material in the midsole.
  • Grooves in the forefoot of the outsole.

For a more thorough review of the Nike Metcon Repper we have included both men and women’s training shoes.

2. Saucony Stretch & Go Breeze Women’s

Saucony makes use of memory foam in the midsole that molds to the shape and position of the user’s foot.

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For a less-fuss approach to donning your footwear, the laces are composed of elastic bands. Hence the name, Stretch and Go.

I do feel, however, the shoe could offer more support. It also may not be ideal for HIIT workouts.

Key differences:

  • Memory foam midsole.
  • No-tie laces.
  • Doesn’t provide the same level of support as the Beyond.

3. Asics DynaFlite 4 Men’s 

For comfort, the ASICS incorporates a very light midsole formulation of organic nanofibers.

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For cushioning, the GEL technology effectively absorbs shock and vibrations. As a result, I believe this shoe is suitable for most types of exercise, including long runs.

Unfortunately, these hi-tech features come at a high price.

Key differences:

  • Organic nanofiber midsole.
  • Gel technology cushioning, suitable for long-distance training.
  • More expensive than the Beyond.

Adidas Alphabounce Review Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for a shoe that can accommodate a variety of training forms, in my opinion, the Adidas Alphabounce Beyond is a fantastic choice. Adidas hasn’t always been my first choice of shoe manufacturer but this model has a load of plus points.

It offers versatility, comfort and incorporates advanced technology to provide you with a safe and efficient workout.

Click here to check out the Adidas Alphabounce Beyond.

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