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Written by Penny Cooper

Though it’s a newer workout tool, a BOSU balance trainer is a fantastic way to improve your balance and strengthen your muscles.

Exercise equipment comes in all kinds of sizes and shapes, and new innovations are happening every day.

By forcing your body to constantly adapt to changing equilibriums, your body improves both it’s static and dynamic balance.

Ideal for small spaces, these half balance balls can help with a variety of workouts proving their versatility. Any home gym would be better off with a BOSU or it’s sister the balance board.

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Save space and get a great workout from the best BOSU balls that recommended:

  1. BOSU Balance Trainer “The OriginalBest Overall
  2. ATIVAFIT Half Ball Balance Trainer – With Resistance Bands
  3. Devebor Half Ball Sports Trainer
  4. Zelus Balance Ball Trainer
  5. Sagler Balance Ball with Resistance Bands

How to Know Which BOSU Balance Trainer Is Right for You?

There are a few key features of balance balls. The first is the ball dome itself. Look for thick plastic that can withstand impact, as you may choose to jump on the equipment.

Look for a ball that has ridges or textured surfaces, so you don’t slip off.

The flat solid disk underneath it should be sturdy, especially if you choose to perform exercises where you stand on the disc and not the ball.

Higher-end models might have handles that you can hold while using the unit ball side down to do push-ups.

Some have areas to clip resistance bands—and the best BOSU balls often provide a set—should you want to increase the intensity of the resistance training.

Best BOSU Balls Reviews

Let’s have a look at what sets these balance balls apart. Our number 1 on the list is the original, made in the USA since 1999.

Numbers 2 and 3 are good items and have rudimentary resistance bands or rather more accurately, according to the Ativafit brand “elastic strings”.

Both models have no doubt come from the same factory in China and have different branding. Both purport to have huge supported weight limits 600 and 800lbs.

BOSU Balance Trainer “The Original” – best ball overall

Since 1999, the BOSU brand has brought quality balance balls to the gym. Heavier than other models, at 17 pounds, it will stay stable while you’re flailing. The BOSU is made in factories within the USA.

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This balance trainer is 65cm in diameter or 2.13′ and 10″ high. It has a weight limit of 300lbs. There is a pro version that has a limit of 350lbs but is quite a bit more pricey.

The marketing of this, the original and 20 year old version is that it’s built to be 10 times more durable than any generic brand.

We can’t test that but it is durable. I’ve seen these used (and misused) at gyms for years and they certainly last.

It comes with access to very good downloadable instructional videos as well as the BOSU library.


  • Trusted American brand.
  • Solid, heavy model.
  • Good instructional workout downloads.
  • Excellent support (from manufacturer)


  • Prices get steeper with colors other than blue.
  • The included air pumps some buyers have reported as being inefficient.

ATIVAFIT Half Ball Balance Trainer – with resistance bands

The Ativafit balance trainer is the best BOSU ball for those #fitsperation posts. The best part is, the unique ‘cloud’ texture actually helps you keep your footing.

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Balance is hard enough when your sneakers are slipping and sliding over the ball.

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It comes in a variety of colors to match any home gym. This ball can be the best choice for someone who is starting their weight loss journey, as it can hold over 660 pounds.

You will feel stable on a quality ball to meet your goals.
The half ball balance trainer has a diameter of 23.4″, height, when inflated, is 9.8″ and bands length is 30″. Weighs 10lbs.


  • Anti-skid ‘Cloud’ texture.
  • Lightweight model.
  • Weight capacity 660 pounds.


  • Base has rubber feet that can be uncomfortable for some users.
  • Resistance bands aren’t that heavy duty.

Devebor Half Ball Sports Trainer – highest weight limit

The Devebor has a very cool look about it – well the black version does anyway – with it’s colored anti-slip surface.

Like other half balls and full-sized exercise balls, it has anti-burst technology which doesn’t mean it’ll never break it just means that instead of bursting, air will release in a controlled way.

With environmentally friendly PVC, it’s made to keep its shape through even the toughest workout. It also has the highest supported weight at a massive 800 pounds which itself raises a few questions

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It includes resistance bands to give your workout an extra boost! This is another unit with anti-skid feet on the base. While these are wonderful when you are using the ball side to exercise, it can be difficult to get comfortable when supporting yourself with the base.

The half ball sports trainer has a diameter of 23.6″, height when inflated is 8.7″ and bands length is 30″. Weighs 11.5lbs.


  • High weight limit of 800 pounds.
  • Five colors available.
  • One minute inflation.


  • Large anti-skid knobs can make it uncomfortable for inverted exercises.

Zelus Balance Ball Trainer

Featuring thicker ball material, and made of reusable PVC, the Zelus balance ball trainer gives you a non-toxic option.

This ball brand is completely anti-burst so you can feel safe letting younger members of the household begin their exercise journey early.

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Their rubber anti-skid feet have a lower profile than other models and may not be as uncomfortable to use as other models.

The Zelus balance ball trainer has a diameter of 20″ (with tubing 23″), height when inflated is 9.8″ and bands length is 30″. Weighs 10lbs.

We may have rated this ball higher if it wasn’t for the report of a lot of people not getting the plug in the package that keeps the air in.

Otherwise, it is a similar design and build as the original BOSU with the resistance bands which are of a higher quality than the half balls listed 2nd and 3rd in our list.


  • Four colors available.
  • Rubber-padded platforms prevent scratching.
  • Strong unit


  • More slippery finish than other models.

Sagler Balance Ball with Resistance Bands

This is the narrowest ball on this list, which would be fine for kids or those who really want a BOSU balance trainer challenge.

It features seven anti-skid ribbing designs on the surface of the ball to help you stay stable.

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ir?t=midlifehacks0e 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01NCE996QThe half ball balance trainer has a diameter of 20″, height, when inflated, is 8.7″ and bands length is 30″. Weighs 9.8lbs.


  • Lightweight.
  • Durable rubber.
  • Come with detachable resistance bands


  • Anti-skid feet can be uncomfortable for planking and other inverted exercises.
  • Narrowest diameter on this list.

What’s the Best Way to Use BOSU Balance Trainers?

There are two basic ways to use a balance trainer. You can put the ball facing down to the floor and balance on the hard plastic disk. Alternatively, place the disk on the floor and use the ball itself to perform balancing exercises.

You can add the balance element to yoga or stretching, by using the ball under your foot, calf, forearm, or hands during static and dynamic poses.

Weightlifting can benefit from balance balls, adding more tension to already straining muscles.

Almost any lifting or squatting exercise can be improved and made harder by using exercise balls.

For the most suitable footwear to use with these kinds of exercise we have a guide for the best shoes to improve balance with some sports shoes for men and women.

BOSU balls have been shown to increase stability in sports and to improve both your static and dynamic balance.

Not all workouts benefit from instability, however. Sit-ups performed with a balance ball did not seem to have any additional benefits for your obliques.

What Are the Advantages of Using a BOSU Ball?

Maintaining your center of balance will activate your muscles and improve your stability. Older users can find greater balance improvement than younger users—though that doesn’t mean it’s not fun!

Your core muscles are a big factor in keeping you standing upright and functioning within your frame.

When your muscles aren’t fit, you can have more issues with lower back pain. By using the best BOSU ball workouts, you can stabilize your core and ease body pain resulting from weak muscles.

Precautions for Using a Balance Ball

Even the best BOSU balls shouldn’t be used on uneven surfaces. Be smart and use your balance ball in a safe area, away from stairs.

A BOSU balance ball is meant to keep you off balance, so take caution if you have inner ear issues or balance problems.

Make sure to use a wall or bar to help you control your instability until you get sufficiently good and feel confident enough to do the “balancing act” without a net.


We all need a little more time for balance training as there are many benefits. Let’s face it, even me! While I have the advantage of being a personal trainer, sometimes that means I have no time left for myself.

A BOSU balance trainer was an amazing addition to my home workout routine and it’f fun.

While there are many other options out there, the clear winner is “The Original” BOSU Balance Trainer. Trusted by experts and home gym users alike with the backing of a long-standing brand behind it. Easy to use, but hard to master.

A BOSU balance trainer will give you an ever-changing workout to keep you on your toes. Enjoy firmer muscles, a more toned physique, and greater balance with the best BOSU ball.

If you want the extra functionality of resistance bands attachable to the edge then we think the Ativa Half Ball Balance Trainer is a good buy.

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