The Best Percussion Massager Gun To Beat Aching Muscles Into Submission

massage with percussion massage gun

Your muscles might be sabotaging you. Do you feel tired and achy after sitting all day? Are your legs and arms sore after a fierce workout? Mine get like that, especially if I’ve laid of physical activity for a bit. If I had a cent for every day I had a new ache and pain, I could retire. And the closer I get to “retirement age” the more wealthy I become.

Even if that were the case I would still carry on what I’m doing – I love it. But it does mean that having the best handheld massager gun to help rejuvenate those aching parts is a great comfort. If you’re moving in on midlife and want to stay active for all the benefits exercise can bring so, like me, might need a little help. I hope you can get the relief you need with one of these percussion guns, too. Otherwise, check out our in-depth guide to self massage tools.

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My reviews of the best percussion massager guns include:

Why Should I Massage?

Massage is a historical therapy, first described in ancient texts from B.C., China, and Ancient Egypt.

Luckily, today you can enjoy a massage in your home whenever you want it with a personal massager. It’s a busy old world and sometimes it’s impossible to schedule a professional deep tissue massage. Besides the whole process can feel intrusive. It can be pricey.

With a self massage machine like a percussion massager, you’ll be able to reduce your pain and feel pretty darn good, conveniently at home.

Our 5 Top Picks For The Best Percussion Massager Guns

I’m sure one of these percussion massager guns is going to do the trick for you from my top five roundup reviews.

1. Lifepro’s Pulse Fx Powerful Rotating Percussion Massage Gun

The Pulse is a machine made for serious athletes or for serious relief! This professional model comes with three intensity levels and 4 interchangeable heads. Even so, it is a reasonable price compared to similar offerings

Lifepro Pulse the best percussion massage gunI love the handle design which you can grip on both sides and the control is at your fingertips. Some self massage tools don’t allow you to get at those hard to reach areas like the lower back but this model is designed for full deployment. I can even get at the middle of my upper back between the shoulder blades.

This massage machine has an amplitude of 16 giving you a good thumping whilst most competitors have less. This is great on the big muscles of the glutes and hamstrings.

This model is similar to the Kraftgun but the Pulse’s maximum RPM is 3000 and at that speed, the sound level is only 70db.

The pressure can be intense; it’s definitely meant for those who need serious relief. This massager has adjustable angles that allow you to reach your upper back and arms.

The company with a range of similar products, Lifepro, offers great support and lifetime warranty on the Pulse FX.


  • LCD screen for easy adjustment.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with training videos and live support.
  • Excellent adjustable angles.


  • Be careful on tender areas like upper neck, hands, or ankles.


2. OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

The Opove brand is small but mighty! Comparable to a much more expensive model, it has all the features you would come to expect from a higher-priced massage gun.

Opove Percussion massage gun
Very cool design and quieter than even the Pulse (above) although the thumping you get is less intense. The amplitude is 12mm. I also found it a little more difficult to get comfortably to the hard to reach places. However, it still does a great job.

With a sleek carrying case and multiple massage heads, you get all the features for half the price. The gun does not transfer its vibration into the handle, so it’s comfortable to use and hold.


  • Steady percussion.
  • Quiet running motor.
  • Sturdy build.


  • Less intense than other models.
  • 10-minute auto shut off.


3. Gocheer Muscle Massage Gun

This massager has the standard featured heads, but so much more. An LCD screen shows you all your settings and allows for quick adjustments.

Gocheer percussion massage gun
Another great feature is its 20 intensity levels; I really appreciate that it has such a range so I can use it on lots of clients. It’s billed as a quiet unit, but it seems quite loud.


  • Five to eight-hour battery life.
  • Made for professional athletes and personal trainers.
  • LED Screens to show you your current speed.


  • Unit will automatically turn off after 15 minutes.
  • Louder than comparable models.



The Vybe is uniquely shaped, more like a futuristic laser gun than professional sports equipment. It comes with two battery packs, so you can charge one while the other is in use. You’ll never run out of massage time!

Vybe handheld massage gun
The only downside is self-admitted by the company: this massager is loud!


  • Two battery packs.
  • 90-degree rotating arm.
  • Lower price point.


  • Loudest model, 80+ decibels.
  • Heavier than other comparable models.


5. DarkIron Percussion Massage Gun

The DarkIron isn’t the newest superhero movie that your grandson wants to see. It’s a very sleek and accessible massager gun.

Darkiron deep tissue percussion gun
It has a great price point but isn’t as solid as other models. If you’re going to use it for lighter massager and more sensitive areas, like the neck and arms, then it’s the best percussion massage gun for you.


  • LED screen for easy speed programming.
  • Updated motor needs less cool down time.
  • Anti-Slip grip.


  • Difficult to program without instruction manual.
  • Housing plastic is not as high-end as other models.


Why a Percussion Massager Gun?

There are many handheld massagers on the market. Vibrators, battery-operated, long-handled, dual head, the list goes on. What if you need DEEP down relief?

A percussion massager gun is the most intense handheld option you can find. The head of the massager does not vibrate but instead bounces or thumps very quickly.

Some models go up to 3700 BPM (beats per minute)—this means that they move over 60 times a second! This makes them ideal for breaking up tension in the fascia, which is the important thin layer of membrane that covers all the organs of the body.

When we work out, we cause micro-traumas (or small tears in the muscle and surrounding tissue), and the fascia membrane tenses up. This is part of the pain we feel after a workout. It’s referred to as DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

The fascia develops ‘knots’ which can be painful and hinder movement. Muscles can constrict, and one of the best things we can do to relieve this pressure is deep tissue massage.

Using a Percussion Massager?

There are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind once you have your shiny new self massager.

First, make sure to charge it fully before you use it for the first time. I know it’s always tempting to try it out right out of the box, but I promise you’ll thank me later.

Once you’re all charged up, set your massager gun on the lowest setting, pick a large muscle group, like the thighs or calves, and slowly press the head of the gun into your skin. Get used to the feeling. Don’t drag the gun across the body, but gently slide while moving it along the muscle.

Increase the speed when you’re comfortable. For a deeper massage, simply press the gun harder into your muscles. Most machines are only capable of a certain amount of pressure (often referred to as a ‘stall speed’), and the unit will turn off when too much is applied.

You’ll most likely not need to press too hard, and most machines are designed to give you the best massage without making you do the work.

Get to know your body. If you feel discomfort, that can be good. The best deep tissue massager is going DEEP! If you truly want a deep tissue massage, you’ll want to press deeply into the muscle and use slow and steady movements.

If you ever feel pain, STOP! Discomfort can be good, this is the fascia and muscle tissue releasing, but if you feel pain, don’t go on.

You’ll also want to make sure to avoid the use of the percussion massager gun on certain areas:

  • Broken bones or sprained muscles.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Sunburn, psoriasis, shingles, or other skin conditions.

If you have high blood pressure, deep vein thrombosis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, or other autoimmune diseases, you should discuss the use of a home massager with your doctor.

Get Back to Your Workout!

Even though I take the time to stretch before and after my workouts, I still get sore. By adding a handheld massager to my routine (along with stretching, drinking lots of water, and getting my rest), I can get back to my life. That’s why I use the Pulse Fx Powerful Rotating Percussion Massage Gun.

It may not have as many fancy attachments as other models, but it doesn’t need it. It has a powerful brushless motor and has a higher amplitude than other models. It’s uniquely shaped, and adjustable handle makes it easy to reach every sore muscle on your body.

Get yourself a good percussion massage gun, you’ll feel the best. We also looked at the other good handheld massagers. Let us know what you think.

Penny Cooper

Penny Cooper

Penny is a Personal Trainer currently training as a wellness coach. Redundancy from retail management meant an enforced move from helping women with sports shoes and apparel to helping people get fit and well.