These 5 Best Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis Should Ease The Pain For Men & Women

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Written by Penny Cooper

Are you suffering from heel pain and found out its plantar fasciitis? If so, don’t worry, 10 percent of the population has the same problem.

The best sandals for plantar fasciitis should relieve some of the pain. Even in summertime, you can wear footwear, combining comfort and style.

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We’ve got two winners in our selection: Skechers Women’s On-the-Go for women, and OluKai Men’s Ohana for men.

We’ve selected and reviewed the five best sandals for plantar fasciitis:

Reviews of the Five Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

We’ve assessed a load of sandals to hand-pick the top five for this condition keeping in mind value for money, looks and durability. For shin splints another painful condition of the lower legs we have reviewed some of the best shoes.

And for those walkers with flat feet, this article may help.

1. Skechers Women’s On-the-Go 600 Sport Sandal – Best Overall

This pair is my top choice overall for several reasons. First, they contain plenty of padding to provide comfort but also to absorb shocks as you’re walking. The shoes are responsive, and the midsole is compact, offering stability.

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Plus, it’s a versatile pair, suitable for daily use or physical activity. They come with a discrete but trendy and stylish look. And when it’s time for a clean, they’re even machine washable.

I don’t have plantar fasciitis although I do have heel and ankle pain – I have a supinating gait caused by an old injury –  for which I have had orthotics made for me.

Not only did I find these super comfy but doing our research it was noted that the 17 reviewers who had plantar fasciitis specifically, gave a praise-worthy 5-star review which I just thought was a great endorsement of the sandal’s pain-relieving benefits.

These are cute sandals.

Tech Specifications: 

Weight3.5 oz (size 7).
Material(s)Mesh fabric straps, Resalyte® material.
Sizes5 to 12.
Available in wide.


  • High cushioning.
  • Midsole with memory retention.
  • Absorbs shocks.
  • Responsive design.
  • Versatile use (okay in wet).
  • Fabric straps for excellent stability.
  • Machine washable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Available in four classic colors.


  • Some users wished the toe straps were adjustable.
  • Outsole has less traction than the model 400.
  • No half sizes.

2. OluKai Men’s Ohana – Best Style for Men

This pair is designed to reinforce your feet, even when heading to the beach. The contoured insole, high arch support, and ergonomic footbed should provide optimum balance and stability.

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On top of that, they’re water-resistant, which is a feature I appreciate in summer or on vacation. Plus, the synthetic materials make these shoes easy to clean and dry.

Tech Specifications: 

Weight8 oz (size 9).
Material(s)Synthetic leather, EVA, nylon, rubber.
Sizes7 to 18.


  • Elegant look.
  • Sturdy rubber sole.
  • Compact EVA midsole for stability.
  • Water-resistant and dries quickly.
  • Available in 22 colors.
  • Smooth drop-in footbed.
  • High arch support.
  • Ergonomic insole.
  • Non-marking outsole.
  • Patterned outsole for a good grip.


  • Can be squeaky.
  • Some reviewers wished they lasted longer.

3. OOFOS – Unisex OOriginal Sport – Best for Beach Use

When suffering from plantar fasciitis, you want a supportive pair of shoes, whether you’re at home, grocery shopping, or heading to the beach.

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These sandals can absorb 37 percent more impact and reduce ankle fatigue by 20 percent, compared to other shoes. They’re built with arch support, which also offers foot stability.

Besides, they’re fully waterproof and are designed to reduce bad smells. And if you drop one in water, it’ll float!

Tech Specifications: 

Weight5.5 oz.
Material(s)100 percent synthetic.
Sizes3 to 18.


  • Unisex model.
  • Available in nine colors.
  • Easy to clean—synthetic material.
  • Better absorbs impacts than other footwear.
  • Machine washable.
  • Provides arch support.
  • Trendy design.
  • Waterproof and floats in water.
  • Bacteria resistant—minimizes smells.


  • Color and paint can crack.
  • Could be more durable.

4. Clarks Women’s Arla Primrose Sandal – Best for City Use

If you’re looking for shoes to match your dresses, pants, capris, and other summer outfits, this pair should meet your needs. They showcase a cute and classy design and are available in various colors to fit the style of the day.

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These shoes feature the brand’s Cushion Soft Technology, which gives them optimum comfort. Some users could stand at work all day without pain, while others have walked up to 60 miles wearing them!

Tech Specifications: 

Weight6 oz.
Material(s)Fabric, rubber.
Sizes5 to 12
Available in half-sizes and wide versions.


  • Available in eight colors.
  • Made with a robust rubber sole.
  • Cushion Soft Technology.
  • Cute, city design.
  • They are soft and comfy.
  • Liked the adhesive outsole.


  • Fixed insole.
  • Could have more arch support.

5. Reef Men’s One Sandal – Best Value

This can be an ideal model for anyone wanting a supportive and comfortable pair of flip flops, without breaking the bank. They’re affordable, yet still offer great value and quality.

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They include orthotics technology, and a contoured footbed and heel. This allows for good shock absorption but also produces a bouncing effect when walking. The EVA midsole offers great arch support, both around the middle section and over the sides.

The material is touted as being eco-friendly and biodegradable which I believe means not, that they biodegrade but that they can be collected and processed into another product – still, that’s something.

Tech Specifications: 

Weight8 oz.
Material(s)Rubber, foam-lined strap, EVA midsole.
Sizes6 to 13.


  • Available in vibrant colors.
  • Economical.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Great for the beach.
  • Orthotics technology.
  • Bounce-like feeling.
  • Good arch support—medium and lateral.
  • Waterproof – easy to clean.
  • Anti-slip.
  • Minimizes improper foot alignment.


  • Maybe a bit rigid.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Is this your first time hearing about plantar fasciitis? Then you may first wonder how to pronounce this strange word. Pronounced “Fashy-Eye-Tuss,” this condition is one of the most frequent causes of heel pain. In fact, 2 million Americans live with it yearly.

Under your feet, long ligaments—also called “plantar fascia”—extend from your heels to your toes. They’re located right under the skin and support your foot arches, as well as absorb impact. When the pressure or weight to bear is too high, however, injury and inflammation can occur.

Sharp pain under the heel characterizes plantar fasciitis. It generally starts when you get out of bed or after a long rest. It then slowly fades away before reappearing after exercising or taking a long walk.

What Causes Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis can appear due to several reasons. Obesity and people with high arches are more prone to this condition. Also, it could happen if you start a new physical activity, especially one with a high impact like running or suddenly increase the intensity.

Features to Lookout For

Luckily, investing in suitable shoes or sandals for plantar fasciitis symptoms should reduce the pain and help your foot recover faster. We’ve suggested some ideas when coming to choose, in this case, sandals for your footwear requirements:

  • Style.
  • Stability and support.
  • Cushioning.
  • Other features.


Sandals come in various shapes. Decide whether a flip flop type or a pair with straps is more suitable.

If you’re looking for a beach sandal or a home pair to remove and put back easily, flip flops would be easier to use. However, if you’re planning on walking long distances, a model with secure straps should provide better support.

You’ll even find charming models designed to fit all summer outfits, from regular pants to dresses, shorts, and capris.

Stability and Support

Ensure that the pair provide good stability and support to your feet to prevent further damage. This can be through a contoured footbed, a cup surrounding the heel, and an overall ergonomic insole. A compact midsole should also offer the right arch support.


The best sandals for foot pain include proper padding to add comfort to the shoes, which is critical when suffering from something like plantar fasciitis. It also helps to absorb impact even the relatively light stress of walking or other day to day activity.

Look for a model that includes a cushioned midsole and/or insole. Foam type material generally offers the most comfort.

Other Features

Here are a few more features that can come in handy:

  • Water-resistant or waterproof.
  • Lightweight.
  • Machine-washable
  • Odor minimizing material.


Whether designed specifically for relieving the pain of plantar fasciitis or not the best sandals will support your feet while providing a cozy sensation. They should alleviate your pain and help you recover faster.

Skechers Women’s On-the-Go 600 Sport Sandal is our favorite model for women. They’re fashionable while providing excellent cushioning with memory retention. They include a responsive design able to absorb shocks, and the straps give the needed stability. 

For men, our choice is OluKai Men’s Ohana and their simple but elegant style and classic design. This pair is made of synthetic material, easy to clean and water-resistant. They come with a dense midsole to support high arches.

Take a look at our review of Orthofeet that includes some awesome sandals.

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