The Best Tai Chi Shoes To Practice Your Power Moves in 2024

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Written by Penny Cooper

Tai Chi, also known as Tai Chi Chuan, has entered the mainstream arena of sport and fitness, and more people are looking to it as an enjoyable way of doing low-impact workouts. That being said, you need a great pair of martial arts shoes to accompany you in the Tai Chi moves.

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We’ve reviewed a few of the best Tai Chi shoes for you in 2024:

  1. LS_JWZ Tai Chi Shoes – Best overall. Mid-range price
  2. ICNBUY Tai Chi Shoes – Best women’s shoe
  3. DoGeek Tai Chi shoes 
  4. SNLMY Tai Chi Shoes
  5. YunPeng Tai Chi Shoes – Best price

How Do You Select a Pair of Great Tai Chi Shoes?

One of the main principles of Tai Chi is to have a direct connection to the ground, so some Tai Chi shoes are designed for just that purpose. Others who choose a more intense mode of Tai Chi may find that a shoe with a stronger sole would support their workout.

The best Tai Chi shoes will make sure that your knees stay safe during your exercise, and suit the terrain and pace you practice at.

We have reviewed more shoes to improve balance. I love sports shoes.

Which Is the Best Shoe for You?

Below, we’ve picked some of the top Tai Chi shoes to make sure you have a safe and fun workout. All but 2nd in our list of shoes can be worn by men and women.

1. LS_JWZ Tai Chi Shoes

These shoes come with a beautiful embroidery design that makes them as attractive as they’re practical. Boasting the benefits of combining the rubber sole with the canvas setting, the shoes guarantee both comfort and security.

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The nice thing about this pair is that they’re made to absorb sweat, so if it’s a particularly hot summer day, you can rest assured that your feet will stay dry, and you won’t have to worry about the shoes smelling after a workout.


  • Cultural heritage design.
  • Very comfortable with light nano-weight fabric.
  • Made to absorb sweat.
  • Soft bottom shoes make them easy on the ground.


  •  Design can wear in places due to delicate material.
  • Maybe large for narrow feet.

2. ICNBUY Tai Chi Shoes

These shoes offer leather rather than canvas; they look lovely and can endure a tougher workout. Their design sets them apart with a Yin-Yang symbol that emphasizes the principles of the Ancient Chinese tradition.

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Since they’re leather, they’re probably more suitable for an indoor setting where you don’t have to worry about the beautiful white leather getting dirty. Still, you could wear them outdoors if you were to practice on rocky terrain, as the tough rubber sole will make sure that your feet stay protected.

You’ve got a linen inner sole that keeps your feet from smelling, as well as small holes in the shoes that keep the feet ventilated and breathing.


  • High-quality cow-hide.
  • Ventilation holes that promote breathability.
  • Cute design with Yin-Yang symbol.
  • Enclose the feet securely.
  • Linen inner sole to keep feet from smelling.


  • Leather not easy to clean.
  • White color, prone to getting dirty.

3. DoGeek Tai Chi Shoes

This shoe comes with all the benefits and great affordability. It has a rubber sole that keeps you planted firmly on the ground and a cloth cover that makes these shoes both comfortable and breathable.

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ir?t=midlifehacks0e 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07NW6X3BXThey’ve been made in such a way that your toes have maximum space, helping you feel the stretch of the workout without having to worry about cramping. Your heels will also be protected enough to avoid chafing, and they can be used for a variety of workouts, including kung-fu, hip hop, and martial arts.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Wide space for toes.
  • Can be used for other sports.
  • Comfortable material.
  • Protective rubber sole.


  • Not suitable for wet weather.
  • No cushioning makes the sole bottom very hard.
  • Elastic can wear out with excessive use.

4. SNLMY Tai Chi Shoes

Closer to the “sporty” spectrum of the Tai Chi shoe, this option offers a sole that can endure higher traction than a regular Tai Chi shoe, and is ideal for those who are looking at a higher impact level of the practice. It opts for leather rather than cloth, making it more durable but not as breathable as the cloth option.

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This shoe is brilliant if you want to stay protected during a workout that comes with more movement. It looks fantastic, with shiny, black leather making it stand out and the design giving it a fashionable appeal. Its smooth shape ensures that your foot will be protected but still have space to move around.


  • Made to endure higher performance.
  • Leather exterior.
  • Cute design for fashionable customers.
  • Smooth shape to ensure comfort of the feet.
  • High traction.
  • Comes in a range of colors.


  • Leather not suitable for muddy or wet conditions.
  • Strong sole maybe not so suitable for low impact Tai Chi.
  • Not ideal for those with wider feet.

5. YunPeng TaiChi Shoes

Coming with a slightly different shape than the regular Tai Chi shoes, this slip-on style shoe boasts comfort. This design is derived from ancient China. It has rubber soles and cotton linings that offer both protection from and connection to the ground.

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The unique shape helps out the workout in several ways. This shoe encapsulates your foot and makes sure that it has enough space to move around as the material is lightweight and soft. It’s also a durable shoe that can withstand both indoor and outdoor workouts.


  • Designed from Ancient Chinese tradition.
  • Soft rubber sole.
  • Lightweight canvas material.
  • Easy slip-on style.
  • Allows feet to move comfortably.
  • Durable.


  • Come in only one color.
  • Not suitable for those with smaller feet (or should be ordered a size smaller).
  • A bit lightweight and won’t endure rough or rocky terrain.

Why Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that focuses on deep breathing and slow, graceful movements of the body. It keeps the body in constant melodic harmony as you move at a pace set by yourself.

The health benefits of this low-impact exercise include increased muscle strength, flexibility, balance; as well as the aerobic benefits of cardio.

Tai Chi is usually practiced in an outdoor setting, as nature enhances the principles set out by the ancient practice. The terrain you practice on could be uneven, emphasizing the need to have the best Tai Chi shoes for the workout.

Why Do You Need Tai Chi Shoes?

Although most assume that since Tai Chi is so low-impact, you won’t need a specialized pair of shoes for it as you would for running. If the shoes can endure a marathon, surely they can get you through some basic stretching!

A Tai Chi shoe often referred to as a  “martial arts slipper”, is specially designed, originally by the Chinese in a traditional way as a cloth slip-on shoe worn for kung fu and other martial arts, and also as footwear for Tai Chi.

The problem with wearing athletic shoes during a Tai Chi workout is that they’re usually designed not to slide. During a Tai Chi workout, your feet are constantly rotating. The friction caused by the ground when wearing athletic shoes could create stress on the knee, making them less than ideal footwear for the workout.

For an in-depth breakdown on when to wear what type of training footwear go to our article on training shoes vs running shoes.

A Step in the Right Direction

After looking at many options for the title of best Tai Chi shoes, our favorite is the LS_JWZ Tai Chi footwear. The pair come at an affordable price while still providing all the basic needs for protection and comfort.

They can be worn both indoors and outdoors, and you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty. Their black color and design will always be a neat look, and you’ll find that you can even wear them when you’re just out and about.

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