40 Gift Ideas for Men Over 50 – Choose Something Unique & Special

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Written by Brian Sweet

If you’re looking for gift ideas for the older man in your life we have some thoughts.

It’s not easy to come up with great gift ideas for men over 50. The experience and wisdom that comes with the age make the choice a little more challenging. 

In theory, it’s easy: the gift should be practical, unique, personalized, and maybe funny. But, with so many holidays and gift-giving occasions, picking a unique present can be challenging.

That’s where we jump in to help you. “God (or the devil) is in the detail” – a small personalized detail can make an ordinary gift a special one. 

For those looking for great gift ideas for women over 50 Penny has it covered.

Here’s a list of some unique or interesting ideas to surprise and delight your friend, husband, father, or business partner.

Whiskey Glass Set

No doubt he’ll get a few bottles of whiskey and wine. You may not know his preferences when it comes to whiskey, whisky and bourbon.

whisky set

But he can drink whatever he wants from these stylish glasses.

They come in an elegant wooden box with chilling stones, slate table coasters, and ice tongs to make it a perfect gift.



For some reason, men are not very eager to buy scarves. But, once their partners buy one for them, they love to wear it.


I could think of a couple of reasons for this behavior, but I’ll leave it for another occasion. It’s a great present for a gentleman. And I would love one too.

Watch Box

Accomplished men have a thing for watches. Let him choose their special watches on their own and buy him a watch case instead. 


This elegant wooden box has 12 slots, and several compartments in different sizes to store glasses, pens, cufflinks, passports, etc.

I love watches but they always break on me.

Watch Roll Travel Case

If you suspect or know that he already has a beautiful watch box, this is the backup solution. 

No one carries all watches when traveling.

a3 1

This convenient watch organizer has three separate compartments to accommodate his favorite watches for every occasion.

For the man with a lot.

Poker Set

Is he playing poker with his friends?


As long as it’s for fun rather than serious gambling, a poker set will make him a proud owner and a host of future gatherings.

This set with 500 casino-sized chips and two decks of cards will delight every home poker fan.

Beard Trimmer

Beards are trendy these days.

With a great and versatile beard trimmer, he can keep his beard tidy and awesome.

a 1

With 12 guide combs, precision, and rotary heads, he can literally take care of all facial hair. 

Beard Care Kit

If he has a trimmer, a beard care set will make an impression as well. Gone are the days when men didn’t groom themselves, but they still have some distance to cover to catch up with women.

a 2

With this comprehensive care kit, he can maintain both his beloved beard and skin beneath it.


Whether he’s a handyman or not, a multitool is a convenient and manly device. 

This model features 17 tools in one!

a 3

From pliers to knives and a bottle opener, this tool is great for a variety of home projects and quick fixes.

Leather Tote

Once considered emasculating, leather bags are now a regular accessory for men.

a 4

It’s a practical as well as a smart-look item.

This genuine leather bag is full of pockets and compartments to keep your stuff tidy and organized.


Good looks matter, that’s a fact, but it’s also important how we smell. Perfume is an invisible part of a person’s style.

a 5

A golden rule for fragrances is that less is more. A single spray or droplet is enough to make an impression. 

So, buy him a classy perfume that lasts long without being too strong and offensive.


Men used to be notorious for hating wallets and carrying everything in their pockets.

a 6

Things have changed and today gentlemen usually carry a wallet (as long as it fits the pocket). 

Anyway, a wallet is a useful item and if you buy him a beautiful genuine leather wallet, he’ll be happy to have it. 

Minimalist Card Holder Wallet

Truth be told, a regular size wallet will hardly fit the pocket of pants or jeans.

a 7

For a die-hard traditionalist who hijacks his wife’s or girlfriend’s bag so she carries his stuff for him, a minimalist wallet can be a solution.

This compact, RFID blocking card holder is a safe and stylish choice.

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Men like to drink with style.

While high-quality beverage is of paramount importance, a rustic bottle opener will enhance the experience and send a message. 

a 8

Beer Chiller 

This is a great gift for those who hate warm beer (and who doesn’t?).

In the summer, even the coldest beer will warm up before you finish the bottle.

a 9

A beer chiller can save the day as it will keep it cold to the last drop.

Wine Cooler Countertop

If he is more of a wine lover this countertop chiller is a great gift. It holds up to 6 bottles of wine.

a 10

It’s quiet, energy-efficient, and it’s easy to customize the temperature.

It’s ideal for small but precious collections. I really need one of these.

Espresso Machine 

Men often classify themselves as wine, beer, or hard liquor enthusiasts. However, most of them are coffee lovers. 

a 11

If he likes espresso, this home machine is the best possible present for him.

It makes a truly barista-quality coffee for espresso lovers. With a choice of automatic and manual settings, he can get a wonderful coffee in less than a minute.

Fitness Tracker Watch

Once he’s done with wine and coffee it’s time to take care of health and fitness.


This smart, waterproof watch will track everything: from blood oxygen saturation and heart rate to distance, calories, and sleep quality.

Even if he’s not a fitness enthusiast, he will love this watch.

Running Socks

If he is a fitness junkie, it can be difficult to find the right gift for him.

a 12

These guys usually know exactly what they need and waste no time to get it. A pair of great socks is a safe choice.

Even if he has a bunch of them, they’ll wear out. Just make sure to buy high-quality and comfortable athletic socks.

Wireless Earbuds

A pair of waterproof earbuds is a convenient gift.

a 13

Whether he works from home or he just enjoys the music on the go, these earbuds provide an excellent noise reduction and outstanding call quality.
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Polo Shirt

Call it a polo, or tennis, or golf shirt, it’s a great piece of equipment that combines athletic performance and elegance.

a 14

So, whether he likes to walk, run, or play sports, this shirt will come in handy.

And he can wear it casually as well.
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Water Bottle

It’s another safe choice for fitness enthusiasts as well as for others. It’s very likely that he already has a water bottle.

a 15

But he’ll love another one as long as it is sturdy, leak-proof, and condensation-free.

Shiatsu Massager

Where do athletes go immediately after the match or workouts?

To a massage table. The massage alleviates muscle soreness and relaxes the recipient.

a 16

So, a home massager is a great present to take care of stiffness or sore muscles.

This cordless massager is versatile and he can use it on every part of the body from head to toes.

Chess Board

If he is more of a sedentary kind of guy, playing chess can be a wonderful new hobby.

a 17

And he needs a board and pieces to play it.

This large and lovely wooden set is a great way to get started.

Pool Cue Stick

If he loves cue sports such as snooker, pool, or billiards a cue stick will be a great gift. Truth be told, you should check out his skill level to match it with an appropriate cue stick.

a 18

This lovely pool cue stick is great value for money and it will fit most beginner to intermediate players.

It comes with a hard case and a couple of accessories for an ultimate pool experience.


While I love and respect chess and other not-so-athletic sports or games, I still prefer good old physical activities.

a 19

Whether it’s running, tracking, or hitting a gym, he’ll need a backpack for most of these activities.

Smart Scales

If you think a backpack is not enough to motivate him, how about smart scales? There are some more available models, but this one is a supreme choice. 

a 20

It comes with a smartphone app and it does much more than measure weight.

It’s a device that analyzes body weight, composition, and heart rate. It can track up to 8 users and show history, trends, body fat and water percentage, muscle and bone mass. 

Camping Accessories

Some men love sports and fitness while others love beer and barbeque. Camping can satisfy both types. 

a 21

So, if he’s into camping a multitool hatchet will be a great addition or replacement for some of his gear.

It is great for fishing or hunting as well.


A camping lantern is a must on camping trips.

a 22

But it can be used in a backyard or during power failures. 

This model is extremely compact, yet powerful, and convenient.

LED Magnetic Pickup Tool

Men generally love their tools. Which makes them difficult to choose as a gift. But with this one, you will knock him off his feet. 

a 23

It’s a combo of a flashlight and magnetic pickup tool.

It extends, it bends, and it lights. Cool and practical.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Men love their cars, but when it comes to cleaning – not so much.

Yes, they can and will go to a car wash service.

However, it only takes a car vacuum cleaner to clean up crumbs, hair, or any debris.

Fast Wireless Car Charger

Some men always forget to recharge their phones.

A wireless car charger will allow them to do it fast while on the road. 

I can think of a couple of more car accessories but I guess you get the picture and you can make your own choice.

Stylish Luggage

While we don’t travel much due to COVID-19 at the moment, our traveling time will come again.

a 24

He’ll be thankful for years to come when he gets a classy and convenient suitcase.

When it comes to luggage, there are many choices but you can’t go wrong with Samsonite.

Fountain Pen

While handwriting is a rarity these days, every gentleman should still have a fine pen.

He may use it only to sign papers and documents but it’s a small item that makes an impression. 

a 25

This luxury fountain pen comes with an elegant gift box.

He will love a smooth writing experience while attracting glances and admiration from the audience.


A good book is not the most unique idea but it can always send the right message as long as you get the right book.

a 26

And, of course, knowing his affinities would be helpful.

You probably can’t go wrong with a poetry anthology, though.

DSLR Camera

If he takes beautiful photos with his smartphone maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

a 27

While smartphones have made a huge leap in quality and provide quite excellent photos, can they ever compare with “real” cameras?

This camera is the perfect choice to move on. They are straight forward to operate and provide fantastic features to take his photos to the next level.

GoPro Action Camera

If he’s more into videos GoPro Hero is a go-to gadget.

a 28

With three levels of stabilization, this action camera will take exceptionally smooth videos, breath-taking time-lapse videos, and more.

It’s also water-resistant right out of the box and with a protective housing it’s waterproof down to 60 meters.

Key Finder

Regardless of age, men are notorious for losing things like keys, remotes, and wallets.

a 29

This smart tracker is a convenient and maybe funny gift for him.

With 4 color-coded receivers and a transmitter, a simple push of a matching button will allow him to locate the item, instantly.

Stylish and Reliable Belt

A belt is not something that you notice straight away unless it doesn’t match with the outfit.

a 30

Matching the material, color and width can be cumbersome so men typically don’t have enough different belts.

Help him improve his collection.

Funny T-Shirt

It’s neither unique nor a very classy choice. Yet, if you’re buying for someone close to you, adding a funny T-shirt as an extra may be a great idea. Here are a few ideas:

For a proud father: Rules for dating my daughter.

a 31

For a husband: Wife or Google?

a 32

For a fitness enthusiast: Shakespear’s workout.

a 33

For not a fitness enthusiast: beer or beard?

a 34

Gardeing enthusiast?

a 35

There we go, 40 plus gift ideas for men over 50. I hope you found something inspiring different or at least practical to give to the man in your life.

With the slant on the ladies, we have covered that in gift ideas for women over 50.

Really, it’s a list of gift ideas that can be applicable to men or women and for any occasion, whether, birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas gift ideas.

Well, I’m going to start dropping hints about the GoPro – I just hope she’ll get them.

Would love to know if there were any sparks of inspiration for you. For matters all encompassing we have more on life after 50 here.

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