7 Ways to Look and Feel Good After 40 for Midlife Women

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Written by Penny Cooper

Getting older- it happens to us all. Knowing what to expect of your body as you age, what is likely to happen and when, means you can take action to keep looking and feeling your best.

Middle age can be fraught with tension. What to wear? What about hair and make-up? Do the short skirts you wore in your twenties have the same wow factor now you’re in your 40s or older? Bikini body anyone?

What is middle age anyway? When does it start? Fear not, we have covered it in our article here.

However, aging doesn’t have to mean frumpy clothesville or study brown lace-ups. It is about recognizing that maybe some changes are required to feel and look good now you are getting a bit older. And by making some changes, boost your confidence and self-esteem too.

Stuck in a Rut

The clothes, hair and makeup you wore in your twenties may not be right for you in your 40s and beyond. Yes, they made you look and feel fantastic but continuing with the same style or colors and making no changes can be unflattering for a woman over 50. Don’t be afraid, realize and embrace some changes.

The Wonders of Lycra

Remember those days when you could pop into a shop and grab a pair of jeans or top off the sale rail, knowing they would look fantastic and fit perfectly? (No 21st-century jeggings then). Ha!

Whilst regular exercise and a healthy diet definitely lift and tone the body, what woman hasn’t checked out the benefits of Lycra panelling, butt-boosting jeans and well-constructed underwear?

You may find you have to pay a bit more for your clothes, but it’s worth it for the fit and improved fabric. You can wear a swimsuit in your 50’s- just choose wisely.

How Not to be a Couch Potato

It’s too easy to become lazy as you get older. Excuses come thick and fast- too tired, too busy, too everything. However, keeping up with an existing exercise routine or making a start is key.

older women running in the mountains

Exercising is sooo good for you. It can stave off health problems like creeping weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.

There are so many exercise choices available these days. Try a sport or go to a gym. Join in a ParkRun, swimming, yoga or Nordic Walking. It doesn’t have to be hardcore, just something you enjoy and will keep up.

We have 13 tips for getting fit in midlife here.

To Sleep, to Dream

Investing in a quality night’s sleep is essential. Fewer hours of sleep can show up on your face. It can be tempting to skip on sleep, but in the long run, it could set you up for health problems as you age.

Change your bed, mattress and pillows if they are not comfortable and make the bedroom an oasis of calm and relaxation to drift off to the land of nod ……….

More top tips for better sleep

  • Keep your room cool
  • Cut out the caffeine
  • Improve the room’s darkness
  • Try meditation to clear the mind
  • Silence your mind to ease away from distracting thoughts

Smile, Please

It’s not all about wrinkles, lines and greying hair. Yellowing teeth can make you look older. Care for your teeth with regular brushing and dental check-ups. Top tip: For that dazzling smile, don’t neglect your teeth.

The Long or Short of it

There are no hair rules for women over 50. It depends on your face shape, height, hair condition, and lifestyle.

It is a fact that your hair will possibly go grey and thin with age or become coarser. Choose a cut and color that flatters you, short or long, keeping in mind that the age 20 hairstyle may not work at age 50.

Use your hairdresser’s knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the best hairstyle or color. If you decide to embrace the grey, take the opportunity to examine what color clothes you wear. You may find that certain colors work better with grey hair than your original favorites.

Making Up

Your skin tone does change over the years. The makeup colors and brands you’ve been using for years, may not suit your skin anymore.

There’s no need to use heavy-duty powders or concealers to cover up lines, wrinkles, or dark eye shadows. Caked on or dark makeup can make you look even older!

Try a lighter touch, for a more natural look. Cosmetics do have a shelf life so it’s worth checking through your makeup bag and ditching the out-of-date and old products lurking within.

Old products could be harboring unwanted bacteria.

Be Uplifted

Saggy boobs in ill-fitting, old bras do nothing for your appearance or back health!

Bras for older women? Check out this article.

Your body does change as it ages and many women just seem to wear the same size bra year after year. The right underwear can shape, lift and transform your body (and your posture).

Take advantage of a free bra fitting service offered by stores. Invest in some new underwear to look and feel good. Your clothes will hang better on you and be a great confidence booster.

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Penny is a Personal Trainer currently training as a wellness coach. She gained a BA in English at Edinburgh University. Redundancy from retail management hastened a move to helping people get fit and writing about all things fitness in middle age.

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