The Most Comfortable Sports Bra? We’ve Picked Out 5 of the Best

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Written by Penny Cooper

I’ve worked as a fitness instructor for years, so I spend most of my time in sports clothing. While it’s true that you should feel the burn during your exercise—it shouldn’t be because of an uncomfortable garment.

How can you be expected to find the best product with all the options out there? From specialty sports shops to department stores all the way to internet retailers, it can be a massive undertaking.

I want you to be able to spend your time achieving your fitness goals in comfort and without any annoying distractions.

To make things easier, I’ve laid out my favorite choices of the most comfortable sports bra.

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Our reviews of the most comfortable sports bras include:

What to Look for in Your Sports Bra

If you’re looking to sweat in the gym, you don’t want to deal with discomfort. Fighting with your wardrobe takes precious time out of your routine. When I teach an aerobics class, it’s my job to always have a smile on my face—and that can be difficult when my workout clothes don’t cooperate.

Having a sports bra that supports your chest, wicks sweat and lasts is important.

Whether you’re wearing it for working out or for daily comfort, there are many reasons that you deserve the best sports bra.

The two basic types of sports bra are compression and encapsulation. Compression sports bras tend to be for ladies with a smaller chest.


By wearing the appropriate bra for your size and shape, your chest is lifted and stable. Your back muscles will thank you as you go about your day.

When you work out, especially when you run, your breasts move in all different directions, which can cause pain. Depending on the size of your chest and your muscle tone, you might need a different impact level, underwire support or band size. We have looked at the best plus-size sports bra with reviews here. And we’ve reviewed specifically high-impact sports bras too.

Remember that your sports bra size might be different from your everyday bra. Choose the bra that is right for you to help give you maximum support.


If you’re not a runner, maybe your fitness regime includes yoga. While this exercise is low on impact, your breasts can still give you grief. A badly fitting bra can be a major deterrent.

You may not need a high-impact model, but the most comfortable sports bra for everyday use will support you and have style.

Elsewhere we covered tank tops with fitted bras.

When I first began my fitness journey, there certainly weren’t as many options. I love having a variety in my closet to choose from. Depending on what I’m doing at the gym that day, I might even bring more than one, so I’m feeling fine for every class I teach.


If you’re like me and reaching middle age, you might be more concerned with how you look. Even while sweating, you want to look your best.

happy girl wearing most comfortable sports bra

Feeling confident is one of the ways to achieve a great workout. Mirrors are important while you’re working out, they’re a great way to assess your form. A good sports bra will improve your posture as well as performance.

If you’re unhappy with your look, you might not be able to concentrate on your fitness. Why not buy a bra in your favorite color or with a cute print that makes you feel fabulous?

I love having a bright hue to radiate the happiness I feel inside. Since staying strong is important as we age, there is no reason not to look great while doing it.

Our 5 Most Comfortable Sports Bras

There are such a variety of styles and shapes out there, as well as price ranges. Here are my favorite options for the most comfortable sports bra.

1. Brooks Juno High Impact Sports Bra

Named after a glorious goddess, the Juno High Impact Bra will make you feel like a queen. It has unique, adjustable cross-back straps designed for a custom fit to keep you in comfort.

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The Brooks bra has a support area below the bust with extra stitching that keeps your breasts firmly in place. The Juno comes in a variety of fun colors and has been extensively tested by the Research Group in Breast Health at the University of Portsmouth.

My friends who train for marathons recommend Brooks because they are specifically made for high-impact running.


  • Many color options.
  • Sized up to F cup.
  • Tested to reduce bounce by over 70 percent.
  • Breathable, sweat-wicking material.


  • Compression design without cups isn’t flattering.
  • Traditional hook and eye closure can be a bit uncomfortable.

2. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure High Impact Wonderwire Sports Bra

The Glamorise is just glamorous! Its gorgeous fabric will keep you dry and comfortable throughout your low, medium or high intensity workout.

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As a sports bra, it’s tighter than a normal bra and runs small, so I suggest sizing up one band size. Since it is boned, the bra will keep you stable and snug with its special Wonderwire.


  • Moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Sizes up to an H cup.
  • Padded shoulder straps.


  • Hand wash only.
  • Few color options.

3. SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Full Coverage Wire Free Lightly Padded Sports Bra

When you work out regularly, your body will change. Sometimes you need to loosen or tighten the straps, and with most static sports bras this isn’t possible.

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The Syrokan High Impact has adjustable straps to help you stay comfortable all day.

The full-coverage cups with the wide underband make it comfortable and supportive for all types of activities. If you’re a runner or participate in dance aerobics classes like I love to do, it’s an excellent choice.


  • Lots of fun colors.
  • Racerback design with hook and eye closure for better sizing.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Mesh material for ventilation.


  • Sizes tend to run small.
  • The adjustable band can be too stiff for some users.

4. Champion Absolute Sports Bra

The Champion brand may be an affordable option, but don’t let its low price point fool you. It’s thick and flexible, providing comfort all day long no matter what you get up to.

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It’s unboned, but has incredible support, and is probably the most comfortable sports bra for everyday use. I’ve had my Champion bra for over three years and it’s still in great condition. The patent-pending SmoothTec band prevents chafing and the quick-drying Vapor technology ensures comfort even when you’re sweating.


  • Double Dry specialty fabric keeps you dry.
  • Gel pad in shoulder straps for amazing comfort.
  • Low price.
  • Machine washable.


  • Thinner fabric than other models.
  • No strap adjustments.

5. Zeroplus Running Crop Top Sports Bra

Most sports bras have the same shape: a flat band around your ribcage and soft cups to harness your breasts. The Zeroplus has a unique wide band that is excellent for supporting larger women’s busts.

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Since it has this wider band, it can be worn alone at the gym without fear of zippers splitting or closures popping.

It almost looks like a tank top, and the back has a very attractive design. The material is soft, breathable, and sweat-wicking, and the longline elasticated compression will support your breasts while you work out.


  • Fashionable crop top design with back accents.
  • Many colors.
  • Padded, removable cups.
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking.


  • Fit suggests sizing up, due to ribcage band.
  • Pullover style, with no adjustment options.

Comfort Zone

It’s important to be comfortable when you work out. If you’re spending time, fighting with your body, you’re not nurturing it.

The Brooks Juno High Impact Sports Bra is the winner of our roundup because it is both supportive AND is one of the most comfortable sports bras for everyday use. It is also available in lots of flattering colors.

Choosing the most comfortable sports bra that fits your unique shape and your budget is a wonderful way to care for yourself.

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Penny is a Personal Trainer currently training as a wellness coach. She gained a BA in English at Edinburgh University. Redundancy from retail management hastened a move to helping people get fit and writing about all things fitness in middle age.

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