Pelvic Floor Exercises To Stop Farting And Control Incontinence

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Written by Penny Cooper

As we, especially women, get older, the pelvic muscles lose their strength and weaken. But we can do something about it with exercises to stop farting or more politely, pelvic floor exercises.

Reasons for having strong pelvic floor muscles

Pregnancy, childbirth, heavy lifting, chronic coughing and the normal deterioration of all muscle cells are just some of the reasons why the pelvic floor muscles weaken.

Specific exercises will strengthen the core muscles that support the pelvic organs such as the bladder, bowel and uterus.

A strong pelvic floor means no leaks, less chance of prolapse and a greater intimate sensation for both you and your partner during sexual maneuvers.

Decreased sexual satisfaction shouldn’t simply be a part of getting older.

Sexual function can be improved whatever age you or your toy boy is. There have been studies indicating that having strong pelvic floor muscles may be related to increased sensation and sexual satisfaction.

And for men, in particular, having strong pelvic floor muscles can improve erectile dysfunction and make your partner happier longer.

How do I find my pelvic floor muscles?

  1. Sit upright in a chair with your knees slightly apart. Imagine trying to stop passing wind by squeezing the muscles around the back passage. The buttocks and legs don’t move. You should be aware of the back passage skin tightening and pulled up and away from the chair.
  2. Now imagine you are trying to stop having a pee (not advised in reality as it can cause problems).
  3. Now try to combine the two above movements. You will feel the sensation of lifting and squeezing. It might be a bit tricky at first to isolate the pelvic floor muscles so keep trying.

How to avoid that leaking sensation

Pelvic floor exercises were the brainchild of Dr. Kegel, back in 1948. Known as Kegels, it is the practice of contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles.

Exercising the muscles correctly will make them stronger and improve bladder control.

Like any other muscle in the body, the more you exercise them, the stronger they become.

Pelvic floor exercise or exercises to stop farting a girl on the beach is the yoga crab pose

The simple pelvic floor exercises

The exercises can be done sitting, lying down or standing.

  1. Try lifting and squeezing for as long as you can. Rest for 4 seconds and repeat up to 10 times, holding each contraction for up to 10 seconds with the 4-second rest in between.
  2. Practice quick contractions of a second each. Try 10 of these in quick succession.
  3. Repeat. As with any exercise, it takes time to make muscles stronger. But daily exercise of both slow and quick squeezing and lifting of the pelvic floor muscles should show results after a few weeks. As long as the exercises are correctly done.

Kegel’s technique

Bearing down instead of squeezing and lifting could strain the pelvic floor muscles and make them weak.

So check your technique.

It’s quite common to just squeeze the bum cheeks. This will tone the buttocks but won’t do much for the pelvic floor muscles!

Kegel’s movements should include the relaxation segment – this ensures the pelvic floor is released after each contraction.

If sitting whilst doing the Kegel exercise, sit upright with a good posture. It’s all about isolating those pelvic floor muscles. So squeeze and lift those pelvic floor muscles to gain control of those embarrassing moments.

Kegel Balls and Vaginal Weightlifting

Kegel or Ben Wa balls along with a slew of “vagina inserts” have been around for a long time as an aid to strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. In more recent times they have been popularized by the success of “50 Shades of Grey” as an adjunct to more pleasurable sex.
The practice has also given rise to vaginal weightlifting. Probably not something we’re likely to see at the Olympics for a while but it is a ‘thing’.

bikini girl at sunset sea background doing effective vagina weightlifting with what looks to be a pineapple

Whichever activity you may want to explore – I can only speak for the practice of strengthening the floor muscles – Kegel balls can be found on Amazon and the best seller with rave reviews for effectiveness, for which I can vouch for, although I personally prefer the old fashioned “manual” way.

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The Intimate Rose pelvic exercise system is award-winning and used by the American Physical Therapy Association.

Please feel free to comment on your or someone’s pelvic floor muscle exercises.

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