Sore Hips & Knees – Rejuvenating Midlife “Age Creep”

So the next time was early the following year when the weather was a little different. As was Tim. First of all, he had transformed his old fashioned kitchen/dining room. I mean he didn’t do it himself but it was a sign that things were different.

Physically the first thing was that he had lost weight and was dashing around everywhere. To demonstrate his new found energy levels he suggested we run down to the shop.

I suggested running would be a bad idea on a number of counts but the slippery surface was a good enough start.

Well, sure enough, we bounded down the steps 2 at a time nearly running into the ‘school run’ traffic at the bottom of the hill. And coming back up the hill was a breeze.

Of course, I had to ask what brought about the transformation. Well, he started all excited, the key is exercise. No, actually it’s not exercise. Come on Tim you’re reverting to your old decisive ways.

What I mean, he continues is that it’s not so much exercise as moving the different parts of the body. So I started with the hips and knees, gently at first and then slowly pushing. And it just got better and better.

I then began a regime of going through all the moving parts and did a lot of research to find out the best and safest way to, well let’s call it exercise as “move” is a bit lame. Lame ha! My legs feel great now.

The thing is, he babbles, as a byproduct I seem to have lost weight, balance is a lot better and I just feel go-ood. Sounds too good to be true I know but I don’t care. He grins.

Before, it was almost like I might as well have given in to the inevitability of getting less strong, physical less able and basically more old.

It started, as you know, ages ago with my hips and knees but and for a while there it just felt like “an elevator to hell – going down” (I lie, he didn’t say that but I couldn’t resist it) a downward spiral.

Well, that was that Quite amazing. Without bionic parts, I don’t suppose either of us will be running again soon.

But for Tim especially, who was never the most positive person, this was all very encouraging and as we said our goodbyes once again I promised I would be nagging him for some tips.

Actually I made him promise to send me the magic potion. He laughed.

But he kept his promise.

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