Sore Hips & Knees – Taking Steps 2 At A Time

Sore Hips & Knees – First Tip

“So ass and hip flexors”

Well, that’s what I thought Tim said. I thought he had gone rude mad.

It was his first tip and he had left a message which after replaying a couple of times and consulting the big G I discovered the following.

The psoas (pron. so-ass) is a strong, core and the only connecting muscle between the torso and the leg (femur). The psoas is the largest, strongest of the muscles that make up our hip flexors.

It’s widely understood that the hip flexors can become weak and tight if you sit around too much or if they are overused like when repetitive weight training exercises or certain gardening activities.

The hip flexors, it seems are ultra-important for all daily movement and activities, walking, bending twisting, lifting as well as balance.

The hip flexors are responsible for posture and stability of the backbone. Misalignment can lead to lower back, hip and other joint problems.

“If you start with ‘training’ your hip flexors first then you will see encouraging results pretty early on, which will give you motivation to keep it up. Other areas of improvement can then follow but honestly with a body like yours”…

…sorry that last bit was me embellishing again.

I got back to Tim with just 2 questions. What can I do about getting my hip flexors in shape? Is it okay for us to work on being closer to 50 than 60?

He texted “read through Unlocking Your Hips” and “no problem“.

I shall be returning with more of Tim’s Tips.