A Guide To The Types of Handheld Massagers

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Written by Mia Jozipovic

Feeling a little stressed out and desperately needing some relaxation? Have you ever thought about trying out handheld massagers? They’re super easy to use, so convenient, and a perfect way to show yourself some extra love. 

Key Takeaway

Handheld massagers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them easy to target all trouble spots in your neck, shoulders, back, legs, and feet. By using vibrations, motions, and heat they provide a revitalizing experience for our bodies.

Isn’t it finally time to say goodbye to knots and tension, and hello to a blissful state of calm? 

By selecting the right massager for your needs and using it correctly, you’ll experience all the benefits of massage therapy. And you won’t even have to leave your home!

But… how to pick the right one? 

Let us take you through the comprehensive guide!

Types of Handheld Massagers

Percussion Massagers

Imagine this: You just finished a grueling workout, and your muscles are screaming for relief. 

For some reason, you’re tempted to skip your post-workout stretching. But, deep inside you know that neglecting your body’s needs can lead to injury and delay progress. And that’s where percussion massagers come to the rescue!

Percussion massagers are handheld devices that provide fast relief for sore muscles and tension. They use a tapping or percussive motion to target deep tissue

These handy tools can ease tension in your neck and shoulders or soothe soreness in your legs and back. 

And no, they aren’t just for athletes and gym-goers. Percussion massagers are also the perfect option for anyone who sits for long hours or suffers from chronic pain.

This good example of a percussion massager can be found on Amazon.

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Vibration Massagers

Want a gentle and effective way to unwind? Then you might want to give vibration massagers a try. 

These nifty devices use a high-frequency vibrating motion to provide you with a relaxing massage experience. If you have sensitive skin or prefer a more subtle massage, vibration massagers could be exactly what you need.

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Plus, they work wonders on smaller muscle groups like your feet and hands. They flawlessly target specific areas of soreness or tension. 

Here’s my insider tip: Keep one in your office for a quick pick-me-up during the workday. I literally can’t imagine the day without it. I’d rather forget my phone than this lifesaver, so I guess you can understand how good it is! 

My hands and fingers sometimes start hurting after too much typing on the keyboard and this little thing always saves my day.

This massager is especially good for numbness in the hands.

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P.S. We’ve provided a comprehensive guide to help you find the best massagers for hands, so make sure to check it out.

Shiatsu Massagers

And do you ever wish you could have a professional massage therapist at your beck and call, ready to knead away all your stress and tension? Well, with a Shiatsu massager, you can have the next best thing. 

These little devices are like having a personal masseuse. They use a kneading motion to simulate the hands of a trained massage therapist. 

This feature makes them perfect for targeting those tricky areas that always seem to hold onto tension, like your neck or shoulders.

You can adjust the settings, add heat, and customize it to get the exact massage experience you’re looking for. Pretty cool, right?

Although I haven’t gotten my Shiatsu massager yet, my friend lent it to me last month and I used it for ten days. Safe to say, it’s definitely on my wish list now! Wahl makes good small handheld electric equipment. This handheld Shiatsu massager appears to be no exception.

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Features and Benefits of Handheld Massagers

Speed Settings

Don’t forget about adjustable speed settings when purchasing a handheld massager. This feature lets you customize the intensity of your massage. 

To find your perfect handheld massager, simply choose a product based on your preference for either a slower, gentler massage or a deeper, more intense therapy. Or make sure the favored one has all these settings.

Switching between speeds can also add variety to your massage routine and prevent your muscles from getting too familiar with one motion.

Massage Heads

The massage head is where the magic happens, with each shape offering a unique massage experience.

Here are the most common types of massage heads:

  • Round: for an all-purpose massage.
  • Pointed: for targeting specific areas like knots.
  • Flat: for larger muscle groups.
  • U-shaped (fork): for a more focused massage along the spine.
Heads accessories

Heat Therapy

Now imagine a massager that not only kneads away your tension but also soothes your aching muscles with heat therapy. 

That’s right, some handheld massagers come with effective heating features.

Heat therapy increases blood circulation, eases muscle stiffness, and reduces inflammation. 

Plus, it just feels great! 

Whether you’re dealing with a sore back or just need to unwind, heat therapy might be what you need.

Corded or Cordless

Finally, you have the choice between corded and cordless models. A corded massager provides consistent power, making it a great option for longer massage sessions.

However, a cordless massager offers more flexibility and convenience. You don’t need an outlet to enjoy its benefits. With this freedom of movement, you can get a relaxing massage anytime and anywhere.

How to Choose the Best Handheld Massager?

So, with many options popping out everywhere, how to choose the right product?

To help make your decision easier, here are some factors that I focused on when choosing my massager:

  1. Consider Your Specific Needs and Preferences

First of all, avoid making rushed decisions. Take some time to consider your needs and expectations.

Would you prefer a soothing or a deep tissue massage? 

Is the convenience of a cordless device more important, or reliability of a corded one sound like a better option?

Would you like a massager with only motion or one with heating as well?

By narrowing down your search to what matters most for you, you’ll discover the right massager for your needs.

  1. Think About the Areas of Your Body That Need the Most Attention

When selecting a handheld massager, also think about which areas of your body require the most attention. 

Are your neck and shoulders frequently tight and sore? Are you an active person who needs deep tissue massage for your legs and back? Or maybe your tired feet need some extra TLC?

At the end of the day, if you want to get the best results, it’s essential to find a massager that targets the right areas.

  1. Read Reviews and Compare Prices Before Making Your Final Decision

Take a moment before hitting the “buy now” button and conduct thorough research. It’s crucial to read reviews and compare prices.

And don’t solely rely on the reviews posted on the manufacturer’s website. Take a step further and dive into social media platforms and blogs as well.

And let’s talk about the prices now.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank to get a great handheld massager. Of course, don’t buy the cheapest option out there, but there’s no need to spend a ton of money either.

I wouldn’t say that a cheap massager won’t work, but in my experience, it simply doesn’t deliver the same results.

So, what will you do?

Set a budget first, and then start looking for the best deals. Take some time to read reviews, and compare features, prices, and everything else. This is how you’ll get what you want without compromising on quality.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it!

You’re well on your way to finding the perfect handheld massager! It’s time to ease that muscle tension and promote much-needed relaxation.

With the right product (and a bit of know-how), you can enjoy all the benefits of massage inside your four walls.

P.S. Before you go, here’s a little tip – pair your massage with some calming music for an even more luxurious experience. Treat yourself right, you deserve it!

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