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Who we are

me on chesil

Brian Sweet is Certificate III in Sport & Recreation in 2001.

And used to love nothing better than a 20 mile run along the Eastern beaches of NSW. Big marathon runner (too big), keen squash player.

Got so keen on running technique that he started studying ways to improve and passed it onto a small running group.

Always excited about encouraging midlifers to keep moving.

Mia with daughter

Mia Jozipovic is a Certified Personal Trainer a 25-year-old fitness enthusiast who’s on a mission to help people look and feel amazing.

She lives and breathes health and wellness, and you can often find me in the gym, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, or exploring the great outdoors with her lovely daughter.

Mia qualified as a PT in 2018 in her hometown of Sibenik in Croatia – (a beautiful place) “I love pushing myself to new limits and inspiring others to do the same.“


Penny Cooper is a Certified Personal Trainer originally from Edinburgh where she also qualified with a BA in English & Journalism.

Adventurous and loving cycling, running and hiking in the great outdoors.

Penny wants to encourage everyone, especially those over 50 to keep moving and eat well to remain fit or to get fitter for an improved quality of life as we age.