Best Pedometers for Older Adults – Simple Step Counters for Walking or Running

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Written by Penny Cooper

Staying active is an essential part of aging gracefully. Tracking steps with a pedometer is an excellent way to meet your daily step goal.  

In this article, I’ve reviewed the five best pedometers for seniors. The pedometers reviewed are the…

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The editor’s choice goes to the Omron Tri-Axis Alvita Optimized Pedometer.  

What Is a Pedometer

A Pedometer is a device that tracks the number of steps you take while walking and exercising.

Tracking the number of steps you take is a great way to measure how much exercise you are getting each day and help you reach your fitness goals.  

Walking 10,000 steps a day can have a lot of great benefits, including weight loss, lower blood pressure, and better sleep. It is hard to know how close you are to this goal without using a pedometer. 

Pedometers are easy to use. You need to attach the pedometer to your waist or hip and start walking.

It will measure all the steps you take throughout the day, including exercise and everyday tasks.      

Pedometer Functions

Pedometers come with a variety of functions. I’ve included some of the common ones below. 


Pedometers with a memory function will record multiple days of steps. This is a useful function if you are interested in tracking your progress over time and don’t want to reset your pedometer every day. 

Steps Counted

All pedometers will count the number of steps you have taken. However, some pedometers will count aerobic steps or steps faster than 60 steps/minute. A pedometer that counts aerobic steps is excellent for runners and joggers.  

Distance Logged

This is an excellent function if you want to know how many miles you walk each day. Always good for bragging rights. 

Calories Burned

This function will estimate the number of calories you have burned while walking/exercising. The calories burned function is recommended for seniors or anyone interested in weight loss. 

They are not always that accurate but it’s generally a good measure of someone’s fat-burning progress.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Pedometer 


Many pedometers are easy to set up, while others require you to follow more complicated steps. Before buying a pedometer, it is recommended that you think about how much effort you want to put into using it.

Personally, I can’t be arsed with all setting up all the metrics. Sometimes simplicity is the best policy.  


Pedometers come in a variety of screen sizes. Some are pretty small, while others feature extra-large screens. When purchasing a pedometer, it is a good idea to consider the “squintability quotient”. There are many pedometers with extra-large screens. 


Many people enjoy swimming and water aerobics. If you would like to count the steps you complete while in the water, purchasing a waterproof pedometer is a great idea.

Most pedometers are not truly waterproof but only suitable for using in showers or water resistant against sweat.

Unfortunately, this feature can be more expensive. 

Apps Support

Some pedometers come with apps that track and organize your activity and steps. These apps are a great way to view your progress over time and share your activity with your friends. Fitness apps require a smartphone and a pedometer to connect via Bluetooth.

Our Best Pedometers for Seniors

Starting with one that we think is the best value.

Omron Tri-Axis Alvita Optimized Pedometer 

The Omron Tri-Axis Alvita pedometer is a four-function pedometer. It tracks steps, aerobic steps, distance, and calories burned.

The Alvita is a compact pedometer. It is 1.5 x 3.25 x 5.75 inches and weighs less than one ounce! It comes with a lithium-ion battery that will last up to 1.5 years.

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One of the outstanding features of this pedometer is Omron’s tri-axis technology. It ensures that your steps are counted accurately.

You can mount the Alvita in any position, and it will accurately calculate your steps.  

The Omron Alvita takes the prize for the best pedometer for active seniors.

Its ability to differentiate between steps and aerobic steps (moving faster than 60 steps/minute) is an excellent feature for seniors who are still running or jogging.    


  • Tracks steps, aerobic steps, calories burned, and distance
  • Seven-day battery life 
  • Tri-Axis Technology accurately counts steps 
  • Automatically resets at midnight
  • Good price


  • Slightly larger than other pedometers

3DFitBud Simple Step Counter 

The 3DFitBud Pedometer is next on our list of best pedometers for seniors, and it takes our award for the easiest to use.

This pedometer features a simple and easy-to-use design. It is ready to use straight out of the package and doesn’t require adjusting any complicated settings or features.

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The 3DFitBud Pedometer is 2.36 x 0.47 x 1.49 inches and weighs less than an ounce. You can get this pedometer in black, blue, pink, or white. Additionally, it comes with a clip and lanyard for easy use. 

This pedometer features a large display to quickly read how many steps you have taken that day. It also accurately counts your steps using its advanced 3D Tri-Axis Sensor technology. You can wear this pedometer in any position, and it will accurately measure your steps.   


  • Small and lightweight design
  • Large display
  • Auto sleep function to preserve battery life 
  • No Bluetooth or smartphone connection required 


  • Single function
  • Doesn’t differentiate between steps and aerobic steps 

iGANK Simple Walking Pedometer 

The iGANK Simple Walking Pedometer takes the prize for the best value on our list of best pedometers for seniors.

This pedometer comes at a reasonable price while still providing all the essential functions you would want in a pedometer. 

igank pedometer

The iGANK pedometer measures 2.6 x 1.65 x 0.55 inches and weighs only half an ounce. Additionally, its screen measures 1.6 inches, so it is easy to read the number of steps you have taken. It also comes with a battery that will powder this pedometer for up to a year.  

iGANK introduced a unique feature on this pedometer. It has a built-in carabiner. You do not need a lanyard or a clip to secure it. Instead, you can hook the carabiner to your belt loop, pocket, or bag. 


  • Secure carabiner design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Accurate step sensor
  • Easy to use design
  • No Bluetooth connection required 


  • Requires a manual reset of your steps
  • Smaller display than other pedometers on this list

OZO Fitness CS1 Easy Pedometer 

The OZO Fitness CS1 Pedometer takes the prize for easiest to read pedometer. The CS1 measures 2.66 x 0.47 x 1.57 inches and weighs slightly less than an ounce. This pedometer comes in multiple colors: black, blue, pink, purple, and yellow.  

ozo pedometer

The extra-large screen on this pedometer is 2.6 inches, so you will always be able to read how many steps you have taken. Despite the large display, the CS1’s battery will power this pedometer for up to a year.  

Like the other pedometers on our list of best pedometers for seniors, the CS1 accurately counts your steps while walking. It is easy to use and requires no setup. Additionally, it features a 1-button reset to avoid accidental resets of your steps.


  • Extra-large display
  • No Setup Required
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Does not require BlueTooth, Apps, or Smartphones to operate


  • Requires a manual reset of steps each day
  • Does not keep a record of your steps for multiple days 

Garmin VivoFit

The Garmin VivoFit takes our prize for pedometer with the best features on our list of best pedometers for seniors. Unlike the other pedometers on this list, the VivoFit is a watch-style pedometer. 

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It measures 0.75 x 0.37 inches and weighs one ounce. It comes with a battery that will last at least a year and is waterproof.  

What makes the VivoFit stand out is the variety of features it has. It tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. It also monitors your sleep.

This information is uploaded to the Garmin Connect app on your phone to save and share your activities. Garmin Connect is available on both iPhone and Android.  


  • Waterproof
  • Connects to your smartphone
  • Tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep over multiple days
  • 1-year battery life


  • More complicated to set up and use
  • Smaller display 


The winner of our roundup of best pedometers for seniors is the Omron Tri-Axis Alvita Optimized Pedometer. This pedometer checks all the boxes without being complicated to use or set up.  

The Omron Alvita accurately counts steps, aerobic steps, distance, and calories burned. Additionally, it keeps a record of your last seven days of exercise. It automatically resets at midnight, so you do not have to remember to reset the step count each day.     

The Alvita has a long-lasting battery so that you won’t lose track of your steps, and its advanced step tracking technology means you can wear this pedometer in a variety of ways.

Finally, it is only slightly more expensive than a basic pedometer despite the additional features.     

I hope this roundup of the best pedometers for older adults helps you on your journey to stay active and healthy. 

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