10 Attractive Styles of Women’s Shirts To Hide Belly Fat

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Written by Penny Cooper

A few weeks of stress, exhaustion, or even bad weather can give belly fat a boost. 

And as a woman, you need an attractive style of shirt to hide the belly fat. 

Getting back a flat tummy is a great goal, but inevitably a long-term one. Luckily, there are clever solutions you can use today to deal with the matter.    

And for me being over fifty and a female doesn’t help much either! This isn’t exclusive to plus-sized folks though.

It doesn’t matter what your body shape is, here are 10 attractive styles of women’s tops to hide belly fat. 

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Choose Dark Colors

This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book, and that’s for a good reason: it works! A shirt that hides belly bulge most effectively will be dark.

Dark colors look elegant, professional, and festive all at once. But the best part is that they have a slimming effect.

You can get various fabrics, cuts, and clothing items in dark colors. Then, mix and match them as you please. 

It’s worth mentioning that dark doesn’t necessarily mean black, while this is a basic color in any wardrobe, you can’t live on it solely.

Darker burgundy, maroon, olive, purple, and navy tones are all amazing. And they rarely go out of fashion.  

My Favorite Picks 

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Go For Neutrals 

Neutrals are easy on the eye, and they make you come across as calm and confident effortlessly. 

Optics matter, whether you’re taking a photograph or choosing an outfit. You can take full advantage of the economy of shades in solid neutral colors.

Unlike pinks and oranges, neutrals tend to be quite forgiving of extra fat around our bellies. 

With the right cut and a few strategic accessories, you can easily cover up the fat rolls.

Cotton, linen, and gabardine are especially good choices. That’s because they look great in neutrals, in addition to their tendency to flow in straight lines.   

My Favorite Picks 

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Tailored Clothes Look Best 

Belly fat rarely comes alone. Extra flaps often appear around the arms, in the back, the chest, and various other areas. 

So it’s not just about tops to hide belly fat. I more holistic approach is needed,

The distribution of this excess fat is rarely symmetric. This means that an XL blouse might fit nicely around the chest and hips, but catch a little around the belly. 

Going at least one size up is inevitable to avoid gaping buttons or over-stretched seams. Loose fitting tops to hide belly solves one problem but leave other body parts surrounded by too much empty space.

Oversized garments definitely feel comfy and airy, but they don’t give a very flattering look.

That’s why seeking the creative touches of a tailor does wonders to your clothes.

Taking in a seam, trimming a hemline, or fixing drooping shoulder lines is all that it takes. 

The moral of the story is, you don’t need to skip an outfit that you like. Go a size up, and alter it to fit your body.  

My Favorite Picks 

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Lead the Eyes From Tip-to-Toe, Not Sideways 

Vertical lines give more height and less plumpness, while horizontal lines do the exact opposite. 

Traditionally, styling specialists often advised plus-sized folks to wear fabrics with vertical stripe prints and patterns.

This is no longer a strict recommendation, as there are other solutions to achieve the tip-to-toe effect. 

You can choose cuts with clear vertical darts, V-necklines, skirt side-slits, and long zippers to get the same elongated look. 

Another simple trick is to put on a light jacket or to wear an open chemise over a shirt.

The vertical lines dominate the scene and give you a nice slim profile.

The tops to hide belly fat needn’t be all about the shirts.

Jackets also hide any unsavory bulges around the midriff, belly, and hips. So it’s a total win-win!

My Favorite Picks 

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Crossovers Aren’t Just Cute 

It takes a sophisticated lady to pull off that look. Then again, we’re all special, aren’t we?  

Crossovers hearken back to classical Hollywood, where bodies were nice, but not always perfect. Nobody really is.

And the floating pleats of a crossing-over fabric created two things: visual interest and defect cover-ups. 

A little belly fat can easily disappear in the folds of the outfit especially if it’s concentrated around the midriff.  

The best materials for cross-overs are chiffons and silks. But lately, we’ve seen plenty of cashmere, wool, and even linen rocking that style. 

You can get a blouse, a shirt, a dress, or a pullover with a crossover.

Usually, you wouldn’t be able to put on a jacket or a coat on top of it. So it would be best to keep the seasonal requirements in mind. 

My Favorite Picks 

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Size Up to Avoid Gaping Buttons 

Nothing spells chubby more than a couple of gaping buttons around the belly.

Sometimes, this takes us by surprise, as we typically try on a chemise or blouse standing up.

But here’s the catch, the bulge happens as we bend or sit down. 

If a shirt, dress, top, or chemise has buttons, then buy it in a larger size.

Don’t go overboard though with the sizing up, as this could create an unkempt appearance. It could also add a few fictional kilograms as people can’t discern what’s inside the outfit.

Balance is good. So try to find button-ups that hang comfortably around your body, with a little clearance around the tummy. 

My Favorite Picks 

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Limit the Florals and Large Prints 

I love roses in real life, in my perfume, and in my clothes. But I have to be careful with how I wear these lovely floral prints. 

Large prints and floral patterns tend to add more volume, and that’s not exactly what we’re aiming for.

So does that mean that we can’t ever ever ever put on a summer dress? Not at all, we just need to be a tad more strategic. That’s all. 

Florals come in big and small prints. For starters, go for the tiny ones rather than the huge orchid patterns that overwhelm any outfit.

The next trick is to pair a floral dress or skirt with a dark flowing jacket. That should neutralize the impact of the flowers, in addition to giving you a much-needed vertical line. 

My Favorite Picks 

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51MW3qirt9L. SL500

Over or Under, But Don’t Stop at the Waistline 

A blouse or shirt that ends at your waistline, automatically, focuses all the attention on that area.

Moreover, a bit of the extra fat might bulge out around the empty space between the skirt and the shirt. 

A good remedy for that is to steer clear of tops that end at the waistline and go for tummy coverage blouses. Wearing jackets of any length can be good too, all the way to the hips, the knees, or even the ankles. 

A similar situation happens with dresses that contain a belt or a crease around the waistline.

This also highlights belly fat in a big way.

You can avoid that by choosing dresses that move that crease upwards towards the chest or conceal it altogether with a drape. 

My Favorite Picks 

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511Q4d0dVWL. SL500

Careful With Waistline Accessories and Bowties  

Wearing wide decorative belts or dainty little bowties is a lovely style. But neither item sits too well on belly fat.

If anything, that type of accessorizing pulls all the attention towards the midriff area. 

You might be a big fan of bowties, and there’s no reason whatsoever to deprive yourself of that simple pleasure.

However, you need to choose a different location for that accessory. A bowtie placed a little bit lower around the hips, or a tad to the side, are nice alternatives.

Replacing wide belts with thin ones is a smart choice as well. Just make sure to get the right size, and keep it clasped comfortably around your waist.   

My Favorite Picks 

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31 P2Z1se8L. SL500

Highlight the Parts You Like Best 

Jennifer Lopez has an incredible body, but she has a special appreciation for her backside.

You can go through any number of her public appearances and invariably notice a trend. The superstar regularly highlights her curvy bum.

You can do that too and enjoy the looks of admiration that your toned arms, long legs, or swan-like neck get. 

While concealing the little extra fat sitting on your belly, don’t forget to accentuate the parts of your body that are great.

Some outfits are incredible at showcasing all the right places, and these should definitely be a part of your wardrobe.   

My Favorite Picks 

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41kN5y3JscL. SL500

Women’s Shirts To Hide Belly Fat – Final Words

Was this list helpful? I definitely enjoyed putting it together! Who would have thought it fun to discuss hiding belly fat?

Appearing elegant and fit is quite possible, despite the bit of fat sitting on your belly.

A clever selection of colors, prints, cuts, and accessories is the quickest way to hide any excesses. To get the full benefit of these tips, make sure to check out the various outfit picks. 

We have covered men’s slimming shirts here and hiding that man belly here. For help with women’s excess areas, we covered waist trainers.

If you liked these tips, we would be very happy if you share them with all your friends!

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