6 Of The Best Moisture Wicking Shirts for Men & Women in 2024

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Written by Penny Cooper

The best moisture wicking shirts prevent sweat from soaking into the fabric and causing discomfort next to the skin. They’re typically made of a polyester mix and encourage a quick dry.

I can remember that wet shirt sticking to my skin on hot summer days or after an intense run workout. Luckily, things have changed and these are distant memories as technology has moved on and I’ve invested in fast-drying tops.

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Our best shirt overall is the Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0.
For women, our favorite model is the Opna Women’s Short Sleeve.

Our Six Best Moisture Wicking Shirts for Men & Women

I’ve gone through the good, the bad, and the ugly to come up with a final selection of the six best models for both men and women and have included a polo shirt winner – great for golf – some long-sleeved, tank and short-sleeved options.

To give you more options and alternatives, here are our 3 best moisture wicking shirts for men and 3 for women:

First the Men’s Moisture Wicking Shirts

1. Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 Short Sleeve T-Shirt – Best Overall

We love how soft the fabric feels on this shirt and so do many other wearers. The loose fit combined with fast-drying technology makes this T-shirt perfect to wear in the gym or for walking and running. Plus, the material even helps to prevent bad smells.

One of our fave moisture wicking shirts

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As for the style, this model is available in 43 colors, from classic shades to bright and fun colors. You’ll also be able to choose between a large range of sizes, from X-Small to 5X-Large.

I’ve got a medium in red and it fits perfectly – no up or downsizing – but I’ve always been “average” in composition – boring, I know.

The Tech 2 has a slightly fitted hem and the whole fit feels secure without being tight or bunching anywhere. I hate ironing or pressing and never need to with this shirt.

Tech Specifications: 

Material100% polyester.
SizesFrom X-Small to 5X-Large; Tall sizes.


  • Available in 43 colors.
  • Moisture gets distributed evenly throughout the fabric.
  • Very soft and natural feel.
  • Anti-odor technology.
  • Comfortable loose fit.
  • Machine washable.
  • Wide choice of sizes.
  • Economical.


  • Some reviewers recommend sizing up.
  • Seams can be uncomfortable on the skin for some users.

2. Three Sixty Six Golf Shirts for Men – Best Polo for Men

This shirt is ideal if you’re looking for a classier model for activities such as golf. Yet the breathable and stretched fabric also makes this shirt suitable for physical activities such as hiking, working out, or tennis.

51Lz2sUPPpL. SL500

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While it showcases an elegant style, it also prevents odors. It’s ideal for keeping all senses in check!

With the addition of the elastane in the makeup of the material, there is an all round stretch making it most suitable for activities where your body is moving in all directions like golf and tennis.

Like the Under Armour, I chose a medium and this shirt fitted fine although the recommendation is to size up.

Tech Specifications: 

Material88% polyester and 12% elastane.
SizesFrom Small to 4X-Large.


  • Lightweight and breathable fabric.
  • Flexible—four-way stretch material.
  • Prevents the formation of bacteria.
  • Available in 24 colors.
  • Elegant style.
  • Reviewers report safe use of the “hand-wash” function on their washing machine.


  • The manufacturer recommends sizing up.
  • Some users wished it came with a small chest pocket.
  • Logo wears off quickly.

3. DRI-Equip Long Sleeve Athletic Shirts – Best Long Sleeves Shirt for Men

Sometimes, you need to protect yourself a little more than usual to keep those annoying mosquitoes at bay. You can also use this type of shirt to create a shield against the sun, or when you simply need something a bit warmer.

31MbWbZAf4L. SL500

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This model comes with long sleeves for added protection, and a classic style to match most tastes.

It’s also lightweight, made from 100 percent breathable polyester fabric, and features a loose fit for optimum drying speed.

It would be suitable as a base layer although it’s not a compression shirt as such – we’ve covered some favorite compression tops in another article.

Tech Specifications: 

Material100% polyester.
SizesFrom X-Small to 4X-Large.


  • Available in 32 colors.
  • Long sleeves.
  • 100% polyester.
  • Loose fit.
  • Classic style.
  • Users report that the material doesn’t shrink.
  • Wicking and fast-drying fabric.
  • Reviewers appreciate how light the material is.


  • Some reviewers wished the material had UV protection.
  • Bigger than true-size.

The Women’s 3 of The Best Moisture Wicking Shirts

1. Opna Women’s Short Sleeve Athletic Shirts – Best for Value

This Opna women’s model offers excellent value and quality at an economical price-point. While the wicking material is essential for comfort, the style also matters. The shirt features a V-neck, slim fit, and comes in 15 colors.

41HE8hNEw4L. SL500

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Penny loved this shirt for it’s contouring and style. It has a very soft feel next to the skin. It’s a great all rounder whether active or lounging about.

The fabric is also soft and lightweight to keep you dry and comfy. Even better, the material doesn’t wrinkle easily; therefore, ironing, if you’re like me won’t be necessary.

Tech Specifications: 

Material100% polyester.
SizesFrom X-Small to 4X-Large.


  • V-neck shape.
  • Available in 15 colors.
  • Machine washable.
  • Made with soft and lightweight fabric.
  • Slim-fit.
  • Takes sweat and heat away.
  • Versatile.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • The material doesn’t crease after a wash.


  • The white color is see-through.
  • Some reviewers find the t-shirt too short in length.

2. C9 Champion Women’s Active Tank – Best for Versatility

I personally love the look of this shirt. It’s loose, stretchy, and could be easily worn daily. This model comes in classic but trendy colors that can fit both sports and casual outfits.

41NBJQZwehL. SL500

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As well as the duo-dry technology to keep moisture away, and unlike other products, this model also includes UV protection.

This Champion shirt is designed more for casual wear – the relaxed fit and look – although if, out of the blue, you were challenged to a set of tennis you would be ready to go.

Tech Specifications: 

Material63% polyester, 36% rayon, 1% Spandex.
SizesFrom X-Small to XX-Large.


  • Comes in eight colors.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • Loose fit.
  • Duo-dry technology.
  • Stretchable fabric.
  • Comes with UV protection.
  • Users like that the material is thin but high-quality.
  • Soft material.


  • The white color is see-through.
  • Three large tags at the neckline need to be cut before use.

3. Hanes Sport Women’s Cool DRI Performance – Best Long Sleeves Shirt for Women

If you liked our previous long-sleeve shirt review but wished it was a women’s model, here’s an alternative.

31Bo5TM2i5L. SL500

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The shirt is made of 100 percent breathable polyester. Combined with the Cool-Dry and FreshIQ technologies, it should leave you sweat and odor-free!

Tech Specifications: 

Material100% polyester.
SizesFrom Small to XX-Large.


  • Machine washable.
  • Comes in eight colors.
  • Long sleeves.
  • FreshIQ advanced odor protection technology.
  • Tag-free neck.
  • Lightweight.
  • Special seams prevent shafting.
  • The material is thick enough to avoid transparency.


  • Limited sizes.
  • Users wished these shirts had UV protection.
  • Fabric can be too shiny for some reviewers.

Choosing the Best Moisture Wicking Shirts

If you’re wondering how to best pick your shirt, the most important elements to consider are:

Moisture Wicking Material

The first feature to take into account is the fabric. Cotton tends to absorb and retain water as you sweat and is, therefore, the least preferred material for shirts.

The best moisture wicking shirts are typically made with high-content polyester. Unlike cotton, it doesn’t absorb water, which makes it easier to eliminate and dry.


Then, put some thoughts on how you’ll use the shirt. Are you planning to turn it into a daily garment, or do you keep it exclusively for the gym? Is it for winter or summer use?

You’ll find many types of shirts. From tank tops and golf polos to long sleeves, casual t-shirts, and V-neck styles, you should find the one you need. For physical exercise, you may even want to consider a stretchy and lightweight model that’ll give you the flexibility in movements.

Lastly, decide whether you prefer a slim-fit style that will stay close to your body, or if a loose fit is more suitable. If you’re looking for a really slim fit and want to look less heavy then a compression base layer might be a great option.

Colors and Sizes

Your next step is to determine which color would best fit your outfits. In specific models, the number of choices is such that you may be looking for a grey shirt and end-up buying the latest flashy yellow one.

I can’t stand putting my arms up for everyone to see my belly. Make sure you select the appropriate size. They vary from shirt to shirt but typically range from X-Small to 5X-Large.


Depending on the amount of sweat, you may only need to wear the shirt once before it needs a wash. If you’d like to save some time, select a product that’s machine washable.

It is, however, best to avoid softeners with moisture wicking shirts. The liquid leaves a compression base layer on the fabric, which reduces the breathability of the material.

Extra Features


You may sometimes finish a workout with all eyes on you. While we like to think it’s to admire our accomplishments, it’s often caused by the odor we spread. If you have trouble with smelly armpits, choose a model that assists in limiting the odor.


Finally, a shirt with UV-protection can be a good idea in summer, especially in parts of the country where the sun hits really hard.

Staying Dry

The main element to look out for when picking the best moisture wicking shirt for you is the fabric. High-content polyester material that’s breathable and lightweight is best.

The Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 is my winner for men in this selection. It has a classic style and is made from 100 percent polyester. Plus, it comes with anti-odor technology and is machine washable.

For us women, the Opna Women’s Short Sleeve is our runner up. The “PosiCharge Technology” is designed to keep heat and moisture away. It’s also the most economical option of our list and comes with a feminine V-Neck shape.

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