The Best Men’s Compression Shirts For Slimming in 2021

Runner with compression shirt for slimming

Looking to feel confident and secure in the gym or day to day outfit? We have dug deep into the offerings available to showcase our findings for the best compression shirts for slimming in 2021.

These compression tops for men are specifically made for the man with some excess fat somewhere on the torso who wants to feel and look good.

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Our top 5 results featuring the best compression shirts for slimming…

Insta Slim 3 Pack Men’s Compression Muscle Tank Shirt
Gotoly Men Compression Body Shaper Undershirt Tank Top
Underworks Cotton Concealer Compression 3-Pack Top
Wonderience Compression Undershirt with Zipper
Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Compression Shirt

There are many types of compression shirts available from leading brands of sports clothing makers. We have chosen 5 makes of compression shirts for men reviewed below.

They are designed specifically to target those with a bit of spread and those with excess fat.

Insta Slim 3 Pack Men’s Firming Compression Muscle Tank Shirt

This version of shapewear for men comes in a pack of 3. The sister company is Instant Figure, the successful women’s version of shapewear products.

After the success of advertising on TV infomercials, the company started with compression shirts for men 30 years ago.

The slimming shirts are made of a single layer of fabric nylon 72% and spandex 28%.

They are lightweight although thicker than a normal compression shirt not designed specifically for drawing in the excess body fat and looking slim.

The shirt still has the benefit of drawing moisture away from the skin.

Getting the right size is important as the garment will keep its shape. It is made to stay elastic won’t shrink in the wash.
The Insta Slim shirt is designed, fitted, cut and sewn in US.

The company markets its product as able to look up to 5″ slimmer immediately.  And it does provide an immediate chest slimming appearance as well as modeling the love handles with its length (around 26″ on large) which can easily be tucked in.

This version is the classic tank top, not my favorite but there are also v-necks, and crewnecks, as well as shirt-sleeved models. The v-neck was my favorite – should have included a picture – sorry.

The colors available are black, white and nude.

The shapewear shirts are machine washable – use non-chlorine bleach, tumble dry low or line dry and don’t iron.

30-day money back unconditional guarantee – any postage not refunded.
Sizes go from a small to 6XL.
Chest 34-70
Waist 28- 62


  • Totally made in the USA
  • Good for gynecomastia (man-boobs) in particular.
  • They are pretty long and so can be tucked in.
  • No give so the tightness should remain.
  • Good under a suit.


  • The compression t-shirt tends to roll up so get ready to adjust.
  • Material is relatively thick and there may be a problem in cooling if doing intense physical activity.

Gotoly Men’s Compression Shapewear Slimming Body Shaper  Tank Top

Gotoly is another company, this time, based in Hong Kong who has specialized in women’s shapewear and seem to have done a pretty good job with their waste cinchers, bodysuits and butt lifters.

This compression undershirt is sold as a pack of one which makes it comparable with all the offerings we have here apart from the last in our list.

The fabric is another man-made blend of 80% Nylon and 20% Polyester with an extra layer around the abdomen.

This helps to pull in and give a definite slimmer look to the stomach. It also feels like there is improved support for the back which other users have noticed too.

I found this shirt to provide a good deal of comfort during physical activity especially my favorite, a HIIT workout – not. I think the smooth feel of the fabric, and lack of seams helped. The pressure was even and tight making it great for exercise for other physical activity.

Colors: Black or Beige
Sizes go from small to 4XL
Waist 26.7″ – 43″


  • Particularly good for stomach slimming.
  • Smooth comfortable fabric.
  • Good back support and posture.
  • Functions well during physical activity


  • Low maximum waist size.
  • Maybe not as durable as others.

Underworks Cotton Concealer Compression V-Neck T-Shirt 3-Pack Top

This v-neck undershirt by underworks is constructed in the USA and is a little on the expensive side even though it comes in a pack of 3. The material is a cotton/spandex weave with a nylon inner layer.

Underworks has been making men’s and women’s body shaping garments since 1997 with their first successful compression undergarment, the Zip-n-Trim brief.

The inner layer helps to flatten out bulges giving muscles additional support in the chest, tummy, and back regions. It has become popular with gynecomastia patients.

The underworks ‘cotton concealer” compression shirt’s mix of layers and fabrics means a smooth and comfortable feel when moving in normal day to day activities or more strenuous workouts.

Fabric Against Skin: 79% Nylon 21% Spandex
Outer Fabric: 65% Cotton 25% Polyester 10% Spandex
Fabric Composition: Shell: 55% Cotton / 25% Polyester / 10% Spandex Lining: 79% Nylon / 21% Spandex

Colors: Black or White
Sizes go from small to 3XL
Waist 28″ – 55″


  • Made in the US
  • Ideal for pulling in loose skin.
  • Popular as an after surgery garment.
  • Complex weave but comfortable feel with the cotton.
  • Wicks well during physical activity.


  • Bit pricey.

Wonderience Compression Undershirts Slimming Body with Zipper

If you worry about getting into these tight compression shirts, because they can be a struggle then this undershirt from Wonderience is going to make life easier with a zipper.

It’s made from 60% nylon and 40% spandex. The Wonderience vest comes with a full zipper with sticker making the sleeveless undershirt easy to put on without damaging the skin.

This underwear vest with a low-neck design fits all styles of clothes enough to be hidden under a regular shirt.

The abdomen compression men’s gynecomastia vest with double-layer and cross-back offers strong support for the back and gives more compression on the belly.

Two steel bones in the undershirt’s compression provide strong support and is long enough for full coverage over the lower belly and prevents rolling up.

Colors: Black or Beige
Sizes go from small to 4XL
Waist 27″ – 43″
Chest 33″ – 51″


  • Easy to put on with zipped front.
  • Added support with 2 steel pegs.
  • Good (long) length.
  • Comfortable enough to be worn all day.


  • Lowish maximum fit.
  • Zipper may not go over a large chest.

Under Armour HeatGear Compression T Short Sleeve Top

Now I’ve cheated a bit here as this Under Armour compression top is not specifically designed for gynecomastia (man-boobs) or big guys with excess fat around the chest, funny or hips.

I’ve been wearing this as a sports compression shirt for years now. In fact, I’ve been wearing the same one for ages and it’s lost some elasticity, as you might expect, but it’s still going strong.

The Under Armour HeatGear shirt is rated medium compression. And not just that but it is made with gradient compression which supports the back front and sides.

It’s great as an underlayer to add a smoother shape to your figure and the 4-way stretch is well designed to allow for total freedom of movement.

The fabric is made of 84% polyester and 16% elastane.


  • UPF30 sun protection.
  • Excellent at removing heat and wicking moisture.
  • Medium compression.
  • Loads of colors to choose from.


  • Not specifically designed for heavyweights.
  • May rise up a bit during more active movement.

5 Good Reasons for Wearing Compression Shirts

There are many reasons for wearing compression tops as an undershirt or as a statement at the gym.

  1. Compression clothing functions as a base layer particularly useful when hiking, for instance, because of its great wicking properties. Multiple layers also trap and warm up the air, maintaining body heat.
  2. In recovery and performance for athletes. Improving by small percentages. And as an aid for muscle recovery as the user wears the shirt for an hour or two after the exertion.
  3. For ‘normal’ people keen on their personal fitness levels – that’s where I think most of us fit – compression tops are perfect for holding those excess bits in while comfortably moving around during exercise.
  4. Compression shirts as well as compression shorts help in the mindfulness of your muscles during physical activity and therefore help motivate you – I have found that feeling good gives me extra confidence.
  5. And finally, more critically, for men who have had recent surgery or who suffer from excess fatty chest tissue known as gynecomastia.

Swollen breast tissue in men

Gynecomastia occurs in males more often at birth, in puberty and in midlife into seniors. The main cause is an imbalance between the two gender’s hormone estrogen and testosterone.

Commonly called man-boobs breast enlargement is at it’s most prevalent in men over 50. That’s us, well me anyway!

We won’t dwell on the technicalities of the subject but for further reading for anyone interested the Cleveland Clinic has good information on the subject

There are clothing brands that are fully committed to helping those of us who haven’t got the ideal body but still want to look good and feel ‘secure’ whilst exercising.

The properties of compression tops still play a part for anyone doing sports or physical activity as they wick away sweat keeping us cool and comfortable.

For others with breast tissue issues or even too much love handle and beer gut it may be about confidence as well. The right compression shirts can be used as an undershirt most of the time going about normal day to day business.

Will even the best compression shirt for slimming help with weight loss?

Well no! That’s the short answer. Although there are a number of benefits to wearing compression shirts that should help in maintaining and losing weight.

  • Wearing one or more layers of compression garments should increase the amount you sweat. Although this isn’t the fatty substance you want to get rid of but the moisture will be wicked more efficiently.
  • Compression shirts mean that you will be held in more tight and should be more comfortable when exercising or doing other physical activity. The extra mobility and flexibility will improve the movements.
  • Feeling and looking leaner gives more confidence and better self-esteem which would hopefully be a motivator in toning up those muscles.
  • One design feature aids blood circulation and across muscles and giving them support. Again this can help motivate you to exercise more.

So all-in-all compression vests are a positive for weight loss.

Compression means “tight” right?

One of the main differences we found between a normal compression shirt and one specifically for holding those fatty bits in, was that the increased robustness of the materials.

The design of the gynecomastia compression tops was different too, as many were enhanced with extra panels and inclusions within the material.

This makes them more difficult to get on and off. Something to bear in mind. Having said that the maker’s charts used to select the correct size are accurate so stick with that, which means the same size as your normal clothes for the best fit. It may seem that such a skimpy item might seem an impossibility at first to get into.

I prefer short sleeves myself as I find the armpit area more comfortable if covered but having sleeves whether short or long will potentially hinder the progress of entering and exiting of the garment.

For an alternative way of getting a tank design on, hold both straps of the shirt and step into the garment. Pull up the garment and slide arms through the armholes and tweak for comfort.

And so to our best men’s shirts for slimming

Our top pick for the best compression shirt for slimming in 2021 is the Insta Slim Muscle Tank Shirt which has all the qualities to help you look and feel slim especially when exercising. It’s also a popular choice for post-surgery wear and man boobs.

They should last as well.

We have a more full guide with reviews and you can get a more broad appreciation of compression tops for men and women.

Brian Sweet

Brian Sweet