Best Walking Shoes for Seniors with Balance Problems: Top Choices for Stability and Comfort

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Written by Penny Cooper

Walking is a fantastic low-impact exercise, especially for seniors and those with balance problems or other mobility issues, good walking shoes are important.

The right walking shoes will provide the stability and support necessary for maintaining an active lifestyle and feeling safe and confident on their feet.

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The Results
New Balance womens 847 V4 Walking Shoe

Both the New Balance 847 and the Skechers Go Walk shoes are our top picks for comfort, stability and traction when walking. The New Balance pipped it for me just for familiarity and the knowledge the New Balance shoes were good when it comes to durability.

  • Midsole cushioning combines two different foams to deliver responsive, durable cushioning
  • The stability post system helps control rear-foot movement for enhanced support
  • Durable but with a lightweight feel
  • Mesh upper offers a lightweight feel for enhanced breathability and airflow
  • The TPU heel insert gives even more stability
The Results
Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy Paradise Shoe

Both the Skechers Go Walk and the New Balance 847 shoes are our top picks for comfort, stability and traction when walking. The New Balance pipped it for me just for familiarity and the knowledge the New Balance shoes were good when it comes to durability.

  • Lightweight but responsive midsole cushioning
  • Skechers "Goga Max" insole gave extra cushioning with a rebound feel
  • Breathable mesh upper with synthetic overlays for durability
  • Flexible outsole but with solid traction
  • Soft fabric lining for comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Low toe to heel height (1 1/2 inch)

In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on developing walking shoes specifically designed for seniors.

These specialized shoes prioritize comfort, support, and stability to help maintain balance.

The use of cushioning materials and structural reinforcements makes it easier for young and old to maintain their footing whilst navigating different surfaces.

One of the main areas to consider when choosing walking shoes for seniors with balance problems is the support provided around the ankle, heel, and arch.

Another significant aspect to consider is the shoe’s sole, which should offer good traction and slip resistance, as the older you get the more risk of falling and potentially injury.

Identifying shoes with a secure closure system, such as lace-up or Velcro designs, can help provide a snug and comfortable fit, keeping the foot in place and preventing any unwanted movement.

After lots of research and testing, we have compiled a list of the best walking shoes for seniors with balance problems to help them stay active and safe while enhancing their overall walking experience.

The selections in our list address the essential factors mentioned above, ensuring that every product provides the right support, comfort, and stability for seniors or anyone else on the move.

Best Walking Shoes for Seniors with Balance Problems

We have compiled a list of the best walking shoes for seniors with balance problems to help improve their stability and comfort during daily activities.

New Balance 847 V4 Walking Shoe


These New Balance 847 V4 Walking Shoes are a great choice for anyone with balance problems not only providing stability but also comfort and support.

But their ROLLBAR stability post system is the star of the show. It helps control rear-foot movement, which is essential for seniors experiencing balance problems.

I found it noticeably supportive. Most importantly, for me, it gives a feeling of stability and firmness in lateral movement promoting confidence in every step.

We were impressed with the comfort and stability provided by the New Balance 847 V4 walking shoe.

The TRUFUSE midsole cushioning combines two foams to ensure a soft yet responsive feel. This feature has made our walks more enjoyable, especially on uneven terrain.

NB mens 847 2

The added support also alleviates some pressure off the knees and joints. Alongside the ROLLBAR system, the TPU heel insert contributes to increased balance support, making these shoes the choice for seniors who need extra stability or for anyone with a problem with balance

However, some of us have found that it’s better to order a half-size larger for the perfect fit.

While these shoes are designed for functionality and comfort, they may not be the most fashionable choice for those who care about style.


  • The midsole is responsive and has durable cushioning
  • The stability post in the heal is the star for first-class stability
  • Breathable mesh upper with synthetic leather for increased longevity
  • Effective but subtly designed soles that add traction without trapping detritus


  • May need to order a half-size larger for optimal fit
  • Some other reviewers suffered longer shipping wait time than some competitors

Overall, the New Balance Women’s 847 V4 Walking Shoe offers excellent support and stability for seniors with balance problems. If you value comfort and performance over aesthetics, these shoes are worth considering and our number one pick.

But marginally ahead of my other favorite walking shoe for stability…

Skechers Go Walk Joy-Paradise Sneaker

As an active woman in my 60s, I’ve struggled to find the perfect sneaker that gives me the right balance of comfort, support, and style. My balance isn’t what it used to be, so I need a shoe that stabilizes my foot but still feels light and responsive when I’m on the go. After trying the Skechers Go Walk Joy-Paradise sneaker, I can confidently say it checks all my boxes.

The first thing I noticed when I slipped these on was how incredibly lightweight they felt, thanks to the breathable mesh upper and 5GEN cushioning. The upper hugs my foot securely without any pinching or pressure points.

Skechers Womens Go Walk Joy

Despite the feather-light feel, the sneaker offers plenty of stability with the synthetic overlays locking my heel in place. The 1 1/2-inch heel gives me just enough lift to realign my posture and take pressure off my lower back, without compromising my equilibrium.

Once I started walking in the Go Walk Joy, I was amazed at how the 5GEN cushioning seemed to propel me forward with each step.

Skechers Go Mens

It has a soft yet highly responsive rebound that makes walking feel almost effortless. The Goga Max insole provides cloud-like cushioning underfoot, so my arches and joints feel pampered all day.

The traction outsole grips the ground securely, preventing slips or slides that could throw me off balance.

After a long day running errands in these sneakers, my feet feel energized rather than achy and fatigued. The breathable upper keeps my feet cool and sweat-free, while the antimicrobial treatment helps prevent odor.

The removable insole allows me to use my custom orthotics (that I no longer use BTW) for extra arch support. I also love that the sneakers just pop right in the washing machine when they need freshening up!

As someone who struggles with stability and joint pain, I can’t recommend the Skechers Go Joy Walk Paradise sneaker enough.

skechers go gwalk

The responsive cushioning gives me a natural gait without compromising support and grip. My posture feels realigned and my feet stay energized even after hours of wear.

I don’t have to sacrifice any of the features my body needs to look stylish. Skechers designed these with the everyday active woman in mind. My balance and joints have never been happier!

New Balance Women’s 577 V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe


These New Balance walking shoes provide great support and adaptability, making them an excellent choice for seniors with balance issues.


  • Easy to put on and take off with Velcro straps
  • Breathable leather upper material
  • ABZORB cushioning for shock absorption


  • Velcro straps could be longer for a better fit
  • Tongue might feel too long and uncomfortable for some users

The New Balance Women’s 577 V1 Hook and Loop walking shoe has proven to be a solid option for seniors in need of a comfortable, supportive shoe. The Velcro straps are not only convenient but provide an easy way to address both security and accessibility for those experiencing balance problems.

One standout feature of this shoe is the ABZORB cushioning in the heel, which helps to protect users from any potential shocks while walking. Furthermore, the shoe is designed with a breathable leather upper for added comfort during long periods of use.

Despite these pros, there are some concerns to consider. Many users have reported difficulties in finding the correct size, and we suggest considering getting a size higher than what is normally worn.

The Velcro straps might need to be longer for some users, especially if they require ankle braces or additional support.

The New Balance Women’s 577 V1 Hook and Loop walking shoe is a great option for seniors who need the support and stability that come with a well-designed shoe. The combination of convenience, comfort, and protection makes these shoes worth considering for those dealing with balance issues.

YH SUCED Women’s Diabetic Shoes


These YH SUCED Women’s Diabetic Shoes are a great choice for seniors with balance problems, providing excellent comfort and easy adjustability.


  • Extremely comfortable memory foam insole
  • Anti-skid and shock-absorbing sole
  • Easy to put on and take off with the magic buckle


  • Width may not be wide enough for all users
  • Velcro closure could be improved
  • Limited color options

We recently tried the YH SUCED Women’s Diabetic Shoes and found them to be an excellent choice for seniors with balance issues. The memory foam insole provides a high level of comfort, allowing for long walks without discomfort. Additionally, the shoe comes with an extra insole that can be replaced for a more customized fit.

The rubber sole is designed to be both anti-skid and shock-absorbing, making it an ideal choice for preventing slips and falls. The air cushion design on the heel further enhances the shock absorption, keeping your feet comfortable during walks.

One of our favorite features was the magic buckle, which allows for easy adjustability and personalized comfort. This feature is particularly helpful for elderly individuals with swollen feet, edema, plantar fasciitis, and other similar conditions.

The lightweight, breathable upper material adds to the overall comfort of the shoes and keeps your feet feeling fresh during extended use.

However, we had some issues. The width of the shoe might not be wide enough for all users, and the Velcro closure could be improved for enhanced stability. Additionally, there are limited color options available for these shoes.

The YH SUCED Women’s Diabetic Shoes are a solid option for seniors with balance problems, offering excellent comfort, adjustability, and safety features.

Despite the few shortcomings, these shoes are worth considering if you need reliable and comfortable walking shoes for seniors.

MEJORMEN Diabetic Walking Shoes

MEJORMEN Walking Shoes

These MEJORMEN walking shoes are a great choice for seniors with balance problems, offering comfort, support, and non-slip soles.


  • Easy to put on and off with adjustable straps
  • Orthotic support for pain relief
  • Suitable for various foot conditions and available in 3 styles


  • Sizing may be inconsistent
  • Might not be durable over time
  • Some customers experienced shipping confusion

We recently tried the MEJORMEN Women’s Diabetic Walking Shoes and found them to be an excellent solution for seniors with balance problems.

These shoes have adjustable loop and hook fastening closures at the forefoot and a wide toe, making them easy to step in and out of.

The premium orthotic insole offers anatomical arch support and a cushioning heel pad, which enhances comfort and helps alleviate pain in various parts of the body.

The MEJORMEN shoes come in three different styles – breathable mesh (for spring and summer), plush wide strap, and plush long strap (both suitable for colder weather).

These are perfect for women of all ages and lifestyles, making them a great gift option for the elderly or anyone dealing with foot pain or discomfort.

Doctors recommend these adjustable, lightweight shoes for those struggling with foot pain, heel pain, knee pain, and other issues. They are specifically designed for sensitive feet, diabetic patients, arthritic patients, and people with plantar fasciitis or other foot conditions.

Some people experienced confusion during the shipping process but we believe that the MEJORMEN Women’s Diabetic Walking Shoes provide excellent support and comfort for seniors with balance problems and are worth considering for their unique features.

Buying Guide

Whilst considering the best walking shoes for seniors with balance problems, it is “fitting” to consider several factors. We aim to highlight in this buying guide the aspects to look for while making an informed decision.

Comfort and Fit: Comfort is a top priority when selecting shoes for seniors with balance issues. Ensure the shoes fit well without feeling tight or causing pressure points. A well-padded collar, tongue, and insole will provide additional comfort and support.

Arch Support: Excellent arch support is vital to promote proper foot alignment, stability, and prevent overpronation or supination. The ideal shoes should offer contoured insoles or removable orthotics to accommodate personalized arch support needs.

Wide Toe-Box: A roomy toe box allows for natural toe movement and helps prevent cramped and uncomfortable feet. It also reduces the risk of developing foot conditions such as bunions or hammertoes in seniors.

Non-Slip Outsole: Seniors with balance problems require a shoe with a non-slip outsole for added safety on various surfaces. Look for an outsole made of rubber or a similar material, featuring patterns or grooves that enhance grip and traction.

Cushioning: Adequate cushioning in the midsole is essential to absorb shock and reduce stress on the joints during walking. Lightweight materials like EVA or gel cushioning can provide the necessary comfort and protection without adding extra weight to the shoe.

Adjustable Closure System: Velcro straps or lace-up closures offer a snug and secure fit for seniors with balance problems. An adjustable closure system is ideal for accommodating foot swelling and ensuring a customized fit.

Breathability: Breathable materials, such as mesh panels, contribute to proper ventilation and prevention of moisture build-up. Well-ventilated shoes help prevent foot odor, keeping seniors comfortable and worry-free during activities.

Keep these features in mind while shopping for walking shoes suitable for seniors with balance problems. A perfect choice will provide a comfortable and secure fit, allowing them to stay active and confident without compromising their safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top walking shoes for elderly people experiencing balance issues?

We have found several brands that offer quality walking shoes for seniors with balance problems. Some of our choices include New Balance, ASICS, and Skechers. Look for shoes that have supportive soles, proper cushioning, and a slip-resistant design to help maintain stability.

How do orthopedic shoes benefit seniors with stability challenges?

Orthopedic shoes are specifically designed to provide support and promote proper foot alignment, which can help seniors with stability challenges. These shoes typically feature a wider toe box, cushioned insoles, and excellent arch support to minimize pressure points on the feet and improve overall balance.

What are the finest men’s walking shoes designed for improved balance?

Some highly recommended men’s walking shoes for improved balance are the New Balance 990v5, ASICS Gel-Venture 7, and Skechers Go Walk Max. These shoes provide a combination of comfort, support, and slip-resistant features to help seniors maintain stability and balance during their daily walks.

Which women’s shoes are highly recommended for balance and stability in seniors?

For women, we recommend the ASICS Gel-Contend 7, New Balance 840v4, and Skechers Go Walk Joy. These shoes are designed with support, cushioning, and slip-resistant features, making them an excellent choice for senior women experiencing balance issues.

Do slip-on shoes offer sufficient support for older adults with balance problems?

While some slip-on shoes may provide adequate support, it is important for seniors with balance problems to prioritize footwear with additional stability features. Choose slip-on shoes that have a cushioned insole, proper arch support, and a non-slip outsole to ensure sufficient support and safety.

Are there any specific shoe brands known for their efficacy in aiding senior’s balance?

Brands such as New Balance, ASICS, and Skechers are well known for their walking and orthopedic shoes that cater to seniors’ needs. These brands invest in research and development to create footwear designed to improve older adults’ balance and stability.


My two favorite walking shoes for giving me confidence in my balance are both traditional tie-up shoes. We have included other fastening options.

The New Balance 847 just pips the Skechers Go Walk Joy for me largely because of the history I have with New Balance and the stability they have provided and the more “athletic” look to them.

However, both the New Balance 847 V4 and the Skechers Go Walk are and excellent walking shoes giving stability, good traction and comfort for those of us with wavering balance.

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