Best Men’s Shirts To Hide a Belly Revealing a Slimmer Look in 2021

Man on the phone with a beer belly

Is your mid-section showing a little more than you wished?

Whether at the gym, during a date or a business meeting, the best men’s shirts to hide belly should boost your confidence. I’ve decided not to flimflam around with tips like how to be stylish with a beer belly or which way stripes should go.

Instead, we have gone with the best way to hide a beer belly and that is to use compression shirts, a great technology that can do a great job in pulling in and firming up those parts that other style ideas can’t reach.

After reviewing my top choices, check out the buyer’s guide on how to get the right product for your needs.

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My top pick is the Under Armour Men’s Compression T-Shirt, but if you want the full list, these are my hand-picked best men’s shirts to hide belly fat:

The Best Men’s Shirts To Hide Belly Reviews

I’ve researched materials, efficacy, style and customer satisfaction as well as my own input on the unwanted belly, to bring you these top shirt options to pull the belly in.

We have covered more general information on the best compression shirts for sport and other endeavors. And you can go to the best wicking shirts to find out more about which sports shirts can get rid of sweat most efficiently.

1. Under Armour Men’s Compression T-Shirt -Best Overall

This model is my winner for multiple reasons.

To start, it features a classic sports style, suitable for all active uses. It’s even UV-resistant—UPF 30—which is ideal during summer months.

At work, wear it as an undershirt to prevent any loose ends from jiggling. Users specifically comment on how the material feels like a second skin and is comfortable to wear all day.

However, you might need to cut off the side tag. It’s irritating as it tends to rub against the skin. On top of this, it can ride up your body, although this depends on your body shape.


TypeShort sleeves
SizesFrom X-Small to 5X-Large
Material(s)Polyester (84%), Elastane (16%)


  • 4-way stretch construction.
  • Quick to dry.
  • Comes in 13 colors.
  • Mesh underarms for breathability.
  • UPF 30.
  • Available in tall and very large sizes.


  • Tag sewed on the side can be itchy.
  • Can ride up.

2. Esteem Apparel Men’s Chest Compression Shirt – Best for Slim Torso

A predominant belly alone can wreck self-esteem. Gynecomastia—or “man boobs”—can add to the discomfort. But, this product should slim your torso from your chest to belly.

Happy customers mention how efficient this undershirt is at flattening the chest, boosting their confidence.

Also, the mesh shoulder straps allow for breathability and remain discreet, even under a white work shirt. Plus, the tank top comes with additional cross-bands to help maintain proper posture.

However, this model comes in a limited number of sizes—up to XX-Large. Therefore, it might be too tight for individuals used to 4X or 5X-large shirts.


TypeTank top.
SizesMedium and XX-Large.


  • Immediate slimming appearance.
  • Mesh for good airflow.
  • Maintains elasticity.
  • Lightweight.
  • Back support.
  • Reduces gynecomastia.


  • Limited range of sizes available.
  • Style mainly fits undershirt use.

3. Gotoly Men’s Compression Vest Undershirt Tank Top – Best for the Gym

This Gotoly’s nylon and spandex combo shape the entire upper body—chest, stomach and waist. It’s a perfect model If you’re looking to improve your confidence at the gym.

It’s so tight-fitting that some users report having difficulties putting it on and off. Nevertheless, it doesn’t roll up during exercise, and can even help burn some extra fat by improving blood circulation, according to the manufacturer.

You could also wear it under your work clothes before going to the gym. Besides, the high compression and 2-layer fabric should also improve posture and provide back support.


TypeTank top
SizesFrom Small to 4X-Large
Material(s)Nylon and spandex


  • Extra-firm.
  • Moisture-wicking materials.
  • Available in three classic colors.
  • Doesn’t roll up.
  • Low-collar design.
  • Back support improves posture.


  • Can be challenging to put on and take off.
  • Wearers feel the material is thicker than expected.

4. Wonderience Compression Tank Top Vest with Zipper – Best for Ease-of-Use

The frontal zipper makes this model one of the simplest ones to wear, especially for anyone with limited arm mobility.

Plus, it provides exceptional back support due to the double-layer cross back and the two built-in steel bones.

While it may seem thicker than other models at first, it goes unnoticed under a shirt. Just bear in mind that tall users can find this model too short. Plus, the zipper can be seen when wearing low-cut shirts.


SizesFrom Small to 4X-Large
Material(s)Nylon (60%), spandex (40%)


  • Simple to put on and remove.
  • Zipper closure.
  • Elastic and breathable materials.
  • Double-layer at the front.
  • Cross-back design.
  • Suitable as an undershirt.
  • Includes two steel bones for back support.
  • Doesn’t roll up.


  • Can be too short for tall guys.
  • Zipper can be visible with low-collar shirts.

5. Men’s Compression Undershirt Slimming Body Shaper – Best Value

This model offers great value at a low price while remaining efficient and durable.

Unlike other products, this shirt reduces arm and back fat visibility. It also flattens the chest—including those “man boobs.”

However, customers mention they’d prefer a tighter fit to hide the belly better. Nevertheless, they appreciate the elasticity and comfort.

Tech Specifications: 

TypeShort sleeves
SizesMedium to 3X-Large
Material(s)Nylon (80%) and spandex (20%)


  • 12 frontal structure panels.
  • Promotes thin arms.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Reduces gynecomastia and back fat visibility.
  • Back-cross design.
  • Sturdy seams.
  • Doesn’t lose elasticity.
  • Absorbs sweat.
  • Creates heat.


  • Some reviewers wished it was more efficient at hiding their belly.
  • Materials can be thinner than expected.

Belly fat

Staying Thin Was Easy In Our 20s
Now Does Everything You Eat Feels Like it’s Going To Your Belly?

Kill Cravings & Melt Pounds Of Embarrassing Belly Fat, Easily

Choosing the Best Men’s Shirts to Hide the Belly

Whether your belly is well-defined or you’re simply looking to hide a bloated belly, a compression shirt should help to shape it up.

Easily wear a collared shirt over and choose from the neck shape and sleeve length if you want to keep the compression shirt hidden.

What Are Compression Shirts?

A slim look starts with what you wear under your polo. The best men’s shirt to hide belly should be elastic and tight-fitting, tucking chest and belly fat in.

You could wear a compression shirt as a regular sports top or as a discreet fit under a T-shirt. This means you don’t need to start a new wardrobe!

Compression Shirt Styles

Styles and shapes typically come down to personal preference:

  • Tank top: Most discreet option as an undershirt.
  • Short sleeves: Better for warmer climates and more freedom.
  • Long sleeves: Ideal for winter.
  • Vests with zippers: Simple to put on and remove.

Features to Look For:

  • Tightness level: The closer the fit, the better your shirt can hold extra fat. For better compression, some models include several material layers.
  • UV-resistance: If you’re planning on wearing your compression shirt outdoors, some models offer UV protection.
  • Gynecomastia-reduction: Some shirts can specifically reduce the “man boobs” effect. A hormonal imbalance typically causes this condition.
  • Good ventilation: Whether at work or the gym, a moisture-wicking or mesh fabric is critical to prevent excess sweating.
  • Elasticity: Make sure your compression shirt is stretchy and contains elastane or spandex. It’ll follow your movements, making it more comfortable and flexible to wear.
  • Weight loss: If you’re trying to lose a few pounds, choose a model that generates heat, and, therefore, induces sweating.
  • Easy to put on and off: While a compression shirt should be tight, spending extra-time to wear and remove it can become extremely frustrating.

Other Hacks for a Slimmer Look

The T-shirt or top you wear above your compression shirt also matters:

  • Slim fit: This sizing is ideal and avoids appearing bulky.
  • V-neck: Typically elongate your torso, making it look longer.
  • Thin material: Avoid thick fabrics that’ll add unnecessary layers to the belly.
  • Classic colors: To detract attention from your midsection, avoid bright colors.
  • Pattern-free: Plain shirts are preferable. Creative clothing and styles should remain on pants or shorts to detract attention.

Summing Up

Compression tops make for the best men’s shirts to hide belly fat. They’re versatile, and you can wear most of them either as a T-shirt or under a top. These products will tuck everything in for a smooth and slim appearance.

The Under Armour Men’s Compression T-Shirt ticks all the boxes for me. It’s multi-use, breathable and feels like a second skin. Plus, it’s UV-resistant and will dry quickly if you were to break a sweat. In addition, it comes in all sizes and 13 colors, so should suit all stomach sizes and tastes.

Brian Sweet

Brian Sweet